Custom Robo Arena Cheats - DS

Game Description:Think you have what it takes to master the sport of tomorrow? Step into the Custom Robo Arena and take your shot! Not far in the future, contestants pit their robot warriors against each other in holographic battle arenas. Victory is won as much with tactics as with clever robot-building technique. Master this blend of brains and brawn as you craft the ultimate battle drone on your way to the Custom Robo championship. Choose from millions of customizable options and design the ultimate robo-warrior. Between battles, you'll explore an RPG-style story set in a futuristic city. You can also fight one-on-one wireless battles with friends.
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Custom Robo Arena Cheats

  • Ray MK II Robo

    By winning the Great Robo Cup. Then, go talk to your father at his lab.

  • Hiykko Robo

    By winning the Great Robo Cup. Then, go to the Team No.1 Clubhouse. Talk to the boxes above the stairs to begin a battle. Defeat your opponent without using a combo that gets over 380 damage.

  • X-Ray Robo

    By winning the Great Robo Cup. Then, go to the police station. Talk to one of the people at a rear desk to buy the X-Ray Robo for 50,000 credits.

  • AIRS

    After getting the dark commanders mark from the hologram grudge battle go to the underground buy the Ray Sky battle stark and win to get the AIRS.

  • Hadron and illegal parts

    After getting access to the underground buy 20 illegal parts use all of them. Battle a person at a holluseme deck in the underground and you get the Hadron gun, Hadron bomb, Hadron pod, and Hadron legs!