Magnetica Cheats - DS

Game Description:It takes quick reflexes and sharp aim to tackle the twists and turns of this innovative action puzzler! Marbles are rocketing down a twisting, turning ramp, hurtling right at you! Fend them off by using the DS stylus to fire marbles of your own. Realistic magnetic behavior sends them toward marbles of the same color. Match three marbles and they disappear, creating a little (temporary) breathing room. Meet the challenge in three single-player modes: Puzzle, Challenge, and Quest. Multiplayer gets even wilder with weapons including Black Holes, Viruses, and Ion Clouds (smoke screens you clear out by blowing into the DS microphone).
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Magnetica Cheats

  • Credits mini-game

    Finish all Quest mode levels. You will play a staff credits mini-game after defeating the Quest mode Boss. After finishing the mini-game you will unlock the "Staff" selection at the options menu. Use that option to play the mini-game again, as desired.

  • Hard Difficulty (Challenge Mode)

    Beat challenge mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty setting.