Bomberman Land Touch! Cheats - DS

Game Description:Explore the pirate theme park Bomber Island in this Bomberman saga that packs all the action, fun, and surprises you'd expect to find in an amusement park! Settle in for tons of Bomberman gameplay with a 15-hour Story Mode, plus 36 stages in Attraction Mode, 20 more in Battle Mode, and up to eight-player wireless action. Set your own pace by solving puzzles and sparking special events that move the story along. Face off against a variety of opponents in attractions around the park. Defeat them to earn new items and gate keys. Successfully fulfill your quest to become Pirate King and you'll earn a special reward for experienced gamers.
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Bomberman Land Touch! Cheats

  • Bomber House mini-game

    Finish Land mode to unlock the Bomber House mini-game played during that mode at any time.

  • Kuro-bon (Black Bomber)


  • Pretty Bomber

    Heart Zone

  • Gold Bomber

    Diamond Zone

  • Midori-bon (Green Bomber)

    Club Zone

  • Ao-bon (Blue Bomber)

    Spade Zone

  • Hard difficulty

    Finish the game with all 100 cards in Normal Land mode.

  • Easier mini-games

    Constantly attempt to complete a specific mini-game in Story mode. If you cannot complete it while choosing "Yes" when it asks if you will try again numerous times, after a while you will be asked if you would like help for one token. Double tap the icon between the "Yes" and "No" options and the requirements for the game will be much easier.