Rainbow Islands Revolution Cheats - DS

Game Description:The classic platform-style play of Rainbow Island gets an innovative update sure to please the game's old-school fans and hook a generation of new ones. Instead of running, jumping, and firing off rainbow attacks, you'll now control everything using the DS touch screen. Main characters Bub and Bob float through the entire game inside a bubble. Guide them along by dragging the stylus on the screen. And now, instead of hitting a button to fire a rainbow attack, you'll draw rainbows right on the screen! The game's look and characters are comfortably familiar, with vintage bosses, enemies, secrets, tricks, and graphics just like you remember.
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Rainbow Islands Revolution Cheats

  • Unlock Mike

    Complete World 10 with every large jewel.

  • Hidden worlds

    Collect all seven jewels in a Story mode world. Defeat the Boss of that world then get the large jewel. Collecting each of large jewels from the default worlds will unlock three hidden worlds.

  • Unlock Violet

    Complete World 10 as Mike with every large jewel.