Contact Cheats - DS

Game Description:Deep in space, an alarm suddenly sounds on the spaceship of The Professor. His ship is going down! The Professor manages to crash land on a strange planet. But his ship's fuel source, Cells, wind up scattered around the planet. A courageous young man named Terry is ready to help The Professor gather up the Cells. And they'll need help from you! The DS will be their method of contact. Help The Professor and Terry train animals, hunt monsters, fight real-time battles, and collect items. There's a shadowy group that wants the Cells for its own, so the race for space is on! Hurry!
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Contact Cheats

  • Completion bonus

    Finish the game. Load your cleared game file to have the Cherry Sword, Invader Him, Unlock The Real Me, Wild Nside items in your inventory. REMEMBER: Play the records with the sound system at Rizo Island.

  • Easy come up

    Once you get your Thief Suit, go to the castle and find the one of the mimic. The best one is in a room in the hallway where the monkey was. Keep going in and out opening the mimic to get more money. Make sure not to kill the mimic. Just hit him a few times until he runs away so that you can open him.

  • Fast up at low level

    When you get to Caldoaxa Ruins, enter the top house, follow to the right and then up. You will enter the spice shop. Kill a guy blocking the door, enter there and follow to the end. There will be 2 worms glowing blue.Attract the attention of one and... RUN!!!!!! get outta this room fast and go to the next stairs. Get 2 "floors" up and stand...