Tenchu: Dark Secret Cheats - DS

Game Description:Action and stealth combine on the DS for an all-new Tenchu adventure! Trapped in a village at war, ninjas Rikimaru and Ayame must defend a young princess from a ruthless warlord. Choose your ninja, take to the shadows, and punish your enemies without mercy. Plant traps, hunt foes with your sword at the ready, or attack with a variety of ninja weapons. In a Tenchu first, you can even steal items from your enemies and use them to make traps or construct deadly weapons. Take on three friends in wireless multiplayer matches, or buy, sell and trade items via Nintendo Wi-Fi.
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Tenchu: Dark Secret Cheats

  • Get easy items money

    The easiest way to get scrolls is to fill your inventory with bamboo traps. Simply line them up one after another in the path of an enemy so that he will hit the first one and bounce to the next one until he has hit all eight traps. If done correctly, each time the enemy bounces off a trap he will drop one of the following: money, ninja gear...

  • Kill types

    The eight types of kills you can get are as follows: Sword Kill, Trap Kill, Poison Kill, Water Kill, Explosive Kill, Spike Kill, Tiger-Trap Kill, and Fall Kill.