Shrek Superslam Cheats - DS

Game Description:Introducing a fairy tale of a different sort, the princess and the pile driver! Play as 20 characters from the Shrek universe in this hilarious, ogre-sized melee game. Smash and bash your way to a happy ending (be the last one standing) in 16 fully destructible 3D environments that riff on fairy tales and pop culture. Rattle opponents with power slams, dish out taunts, and master signature attacks like Shrek's room-clearing Green Storm (hold that nose). Collect 30 potions, magical items, and weapons (think Giant Ham Hock). Unlock characters, arenas, and costumes in single-player Story, Ladder, and Mega-Challenge Modes, let it fly in frenzied four-player melees, or tackle 30 mini-games.
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Shrek Superslam Cheats

  • Connection bonus

    Have the Game Boy Advance version of Shrek SuperSlam in the cartridge slot to unlock Shrek's second alternate costume.