Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats - DS

  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer: AlphaDream
  • Release Date:Nov 30, 2005
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Crude Humor,Mild Cartoon Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:It's deuces wild in this sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The Saga's second installment lets you control two sets of the two brothers in a wacky adventure made for the two screens of Nintendo DS. Mario and Luigi go back in time to get Princess Peach and encounter infant versions of themselves, Bowser, and the princess. Control both the baby and grown-up versions of the Mushroom Kingdom's famous brothers on an insane quest. The double-good action spills onto the DS top screen, where you can scope out the lay of the land, keep tabs on the brotherly pair you're not using, and max-out combo moves mid-battle.
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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats

  • Dodging attacks

    During a battle, press Attack for Mario or Luigi to dodge enemy attacks.

  • Get easy coins

    In the Thwomp Volcano, there is a part where you are supposed to get 30 gems in order to pass. When you complete it, go out then go in again. Step on the Thwomp and say "Yes" that you want to play. Get any number of gems, and if you do not get 50 gems you will get 20 coins. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired.

  • GREEN Jump


  • green Hammer


  • How to beat Sunnycide

    There are five eggs in front of Sunnycide. Ignore Sunnycide and go for the eggs. Attack an egg until it hatches, then a Yoshi will come out and start pushing a boulder on a ledge high above. Hatch five eggs while avoiding Sunnycide's attacks, and the Yoshis will launch the boulder at Sunnycide and knock him down. He is now vulnerable. Attack him...

  • Prince Peasley poster in Peach's Castle

    In Peach's Castle (Present), go into the item shop. Walk up to the counter, and behind the Toad that sells items is a poster of Prince Peasley from Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga.

  • RED + red Green Shell Attack

    A (to start attack), X, B, A, X, B, etc.

  • RED Cannon Bros

    A (to start attack), ?, ?, ?, ? (where ? is A, B, X, or Y)

  • red Hammer (extra damage)

    X (when hammer shakes)

  • green Jump


  • GREEN Piggyback Hammer

    B (when hammer shakes), Y (when hammer shakes)

  • How to beat Mrs. Thwomp

    Mrs. Thwomp can be a bit difficult, but if you see the pattern, it should be easy. She will usually jump up on the top of the screen and spin. If she lands on the Mario's side, make Mario jump first, then Luigi, and vice versa. If she manages to jump in the middle, make them both jump at the same time to avoid damage. She will also spit out...

  • How to beat Princess Shroob's twin

    Have the Ulti-Free badge (bought in Fawful's shop for 90 Beans) on Luigi and the Shroom Badge A on Mario. Also have lots of Super, Ultra, Max Mushrooms; Drops; and 1-Up Supers. Start out by hitting her as hard as possible with repeated Mix/Copy Flowers every turn with Luigi. Just have Mario attack normally. Once you take off half her HP (3000...

  • Play for Free

    Inside whomp volcano, you will run across a whomp who lets you play slots. After you use you first time for free there is a glitch so you don't have to pay 100 coins. When he ask you if you want to play, go down to the last choice. It should say something like \"learn to play\". Click on it. You then should be able to play without paying 100 coins.

  • red Hammer


  • Gathering beans

    Once you learn Baby Mario and Luigi's ability to dig underground, each time you see a small circle with an "X" in it, throw Baby Mario and Baby Luigi by pressing X or Y. Then, press R, B(2) to go underground. Move underneath the circle with the "X" in it, then press B under it and you will receive a bean.

  • GREEN + green Green Shell Attack

    B (to start attack), Y, A, B, Y, A, etc.

  • GREEN Jump (extra damage)

    B (just before enemy)

  • green Jump (extra damage)

    Y (Just before enemy)

  • How to beat Commander Shroob

    When the battle begins, you will be facing three Shroobs holding a large Shroob-like Bomb-omb. Attack and destroy the middle and rear Shroobs so that the front Shroob is crushed by the bomb because he cannot hold up the weight himself. The bomb will roll backwards, blowing up Commander Shroob, allowing you to attack him. The best attacks against...

  • RED Green Shell Attack

    A (to start attack), B, A, B, A, B, etc.

  • red Green Shell Attack

    X (to start attack), Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, etc.

  • RED Jump


  • red Jump


  • How to beat the first Boss

    Wait for the Shroobs to get a Poison Mushroom and the Boss will turn green. Then, start attacking him, but do not hit him if he is red. Additionally, wait until one of the Shroob doctors gets a Poison Mushroom. Then, attack the one that has it. Use a Cannon Bros. item. It does 52 damage, and you can defeat the Boss very quickly. Attack him when...

  • Santa Clause reference in Holli Jolli Village

    When you first arrive in Holli Jolli Village, go into the Mayor's house. Hit him out of the chimney and he will look like Santa Clause and say "Ho Ho!".

  • GREEN Cannon Bros

    B (to start attack), ?, ?, ?, ? (where ? is A, B, X, or Y)

  • GREEN Green Shell Attack

    B (to start attack), A, B, A, B, etc.

  • green Green Shell Attack

    Y (to start attack), X, Y, X, Y, X, etc.

  • green Hammer (extra damage)

    Y (when hammer shakes)

  • How to beat Princess Shroob

    Use Copy Flower or Trampoline on the shield, then once it is broken, use Mix Flower or a Red Shell since they are very powerful. She will then attack you with orbs; you must time your jump correctly. She will then either pull out another shield and attack with lasers and see if the lasers are pointing up or down. If she does not pull out another...

  • Mario Piggyback Jump

    X (just before enemy), A (just before enemy)

  • Luigi Piggyback Jump

    Y (just before enemy), B (just before enemy)

  • How to beat Bowser and Baby Bowser

    REMEMBER: Having lots of Ice Flowers is recommended. When Baby Bowser uses his adult form as some sort of hockey item, use your hammer to smash it back to him, because he will continue to heal his adult form. If you succeed, Baby Bowser will miss hitting the adult form and he will be on his own for a small amount of time. Also, get Red Peppers...

  • How to beat The Piranha Plant

    Jump on The Piranha Plant and use Red Peppers. When it is grounded to the floor, try to avoid the quicksand by doing multiple jumps. Once it is stuck inside the ground, it will try turning off the lights to get a Boo to steal an item from you. Smack the Boo with a hammer to prevent this from happening. Use a Fire Flower or Ice Flower and keep...

  • RED Jump (extra damage)

    A (just before enemy)

  • red Jump (extra damage)

    X (just before enemy)

  • RED Piggyback Hammer

    A (when hammer shakes), X (when hammer shakes)