Battles of Prince of Persia Cheats - DS

Game Description:The fate of an entire empire is tied to the destiny of one man in this all-new Prince of Persia combat saga. Collect, purchase, and strategically trade more than 200 cards that fuel a turn-based battle system. Play as one of nine generals at the helm of powerful armies from ancient Persia, India, or Aresura. Progress through single-player campaigns to earn new cards, then use them to maneuver your men, overcome your enemies, and dominate the battlefield. Refine your tactics and strengthen your forces against friends in two customizable multiplayer Versus Modes.
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Battles of Prince of Persia Cheats

  • Demons! mission: Reaching the box

    In the campaign mission called "Demons!", to reach the box, create a diversion then send a cavalry unit ahead along the perimeter of the screen. You can get the box and complete the level easier.