Super Princess Peach Cheats - DS

Game Description:Mario and Luigi have been kidnapped by Bowser! He's taken them, along with the magical Vibe Wand, to Vibe Island. Princess Peach is determined to rescue them. When she arrives at the island, she finds the vibes from the island have given her new powers! She'll use them to finish this classic side-scrolling Mario Brothers-style adventure. Each of eight worlds features five levels with a boss waiting at the end. Run and jump through levels, collect coins, whack Bowser's goons with Princess Peach's umbrella, and use her vibe powers of Joy, Rage, Calm, and Gloom to unleash powerful attacks, become invincible, regenerate health, and more.
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Super Princess Peach Cheats

  • Level 8-6

    Collect all the Toads in each area.

  • Dash Attack Kassa move

    After finishing the game you will unlock the Dash Attack Kassa move. This move allows you to attack while dashing by pressing Y or B.

  • Play opening mini-game

    Hold R and press Start at the title screen. The game where you push all the toads off the screen will start. REMEMBER: Perry should tell you this secret if you hit one of his information blocks in a secret area in the first level.

  • Alternate title screen

    Set the system time to day or night to change the title to the corresponding version.

  • Endless Fever mode

    Finish all levels twice, all mini-games once, and clear the Music History and Puzzles. The Endless Fever item will now be available for purchase at the shop at no cost. This item allows your Emotion gauge to always remain full.

  • How to beat Boos 2

    When playing the bonus level before the Boss in Shriek Mansion or Bowser's Villa, do not poke the Boos. It works better to "rub", or scribble, on them instead.

  • Red Goomba

    When you see a Mad Paragoomba, use Gloom or jump on it and knock it out of the sky. It will now be a regular Goomba, but red.

  • Easy health

    Purchase the "Natural Power" item from the Shop. If you need to refill the yellow bar below your heart, find a safe place to stand still with no enemies nearby that can harm you. Allow Peach to stand idle and do not use the touch screen or controls. The umbrella will cover Peach's head and the bar will refill.

  • How to beat Boos 1

    Ghosts fear the light. Use Rage and touch the Boo with your flames. This should scare him off. REMEMBER: This does not work on Big Boos or the blind-folded Boos.

  • How to beat DryBones

    No matter how many times you jump off a DryBones' head, it will keep re-building itself. To get rid of it, throw something at it or stand next to it and use Joy or Rage.

  • Opening capsules easily

    When you see the flying balls that drop coins when you throw something at them, you do not have to find something to throw. It is much easier to stand underneath it and use Rage.

  • Control title screen

    On the title screen, before you press Start, tap the different worlds on the main map with your stylus. They should show their animation as if you were entering them in the game. The sky also changes depending on the time of day on the system clock..

  • How to beat Bowser

    During phase one Bowser should sic the angry leader of the HammerBros. on you. Just hit him with Perry or throw other HammerBros. at him. During phase two, Bowser attacks you himself. Dodge his flames and hammers. To hit him, use Rage and touch him with your flames for several seconds. Each time you hit him, he changes his Vibes to change his...