Goemon: Mystical Ninja DS - DS

Goemon: Mystical Ninja DS
Game Description:DS installment in Konami's long-running Goemon series that combines exploration and platform action gameplay. The system's dual screen setup is used to display maps, character closeups and conversations up top, while the bottom screen displays the standard action. The dungeon/action sequences use a mixture of fixed isometric and side views this time around, but with polygonal characters to allow for a greater range of animation. The developers have also implemented touch screen control, allowing players to interact with the environment, compete in mini-games, or even control Goemon Impact, Goemon's trusty giant mech twin. Using a cellphone-like remote interface, Goemon can make Impact punch, grab opponents, move, and more. The game also links up with the previously released Goemon 1 - 2 for GBA.
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