Final Fantasy III Cheats - DS

Game Description:Final Fantasy fans, the lost adventure has finally arrived! The only Final Fantasy saga that never made it to North America has been reworked and re-imagined for Nintendo DS. A tremor has consumed the light crystals that preserve balance in the world. Now four souls blessed with the light will embark on a journey, seeking to find new crystals and fulfill the Gulgan prophecy by returning the world to balance. Recharged graphics bring the story to life in colorful, 3D fashion. A touch-screen interface lets you use the DS stylus to cast spells, dispatch enemies, and explore dungeons, while a dynamic job-changing system allows for almost unlimited party variations.
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Final Fantasy III Cheats

  • Secret dungeon

    Send a seven mails to another player through Mog Net. Send four mails using Mog Net to the NPC "The 4 Elderly". Send four mails to "King Arusu". After reading the fourth one, you will unlock a new quest. Ride on the airship that can travel underwater and go to the floating island. Once there, go directly south until you see a shadow in the...

  • Onion Swordsman job

    Register someone multiple communication IDs on Mog Net. Send seven messages to another player. Send and receive four messages from Topapa. After reading the fourth one you will get a message giving your a mini-quest. Go to Uoul and talk to Topapa. Go to the cave that is to the north of the other cave. Enter, then After defeating the three Bombs...