Trace Memory Cheats - DS

Game Description:Trace Memory is an innovative adventure game that takes advantage of all the Nintendo DS' unique features. Ahsley's parents disappeared ten years ago. When she receives a mysterious package, Ashley goes to Blood Edward Island to discover her past, and she befriends the ghost of a boy named D. Players must unravel the truth using clues all over the island. The Touch Screen has a 3D map, while the top screen shows character's conversations. Take pictures of your surroundings, then rotate and flip the images to reveal further clues to Ashley's gritty story.
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Trace Memory Cheats

  • Completion bonus

    After finishing the game you will unlock Starred Game mode.

  • Legend Of Zelda reference

    Before you take the white book off of the bookshelf in the silver bird room, select some of the other books; one book is titled "The Legend of Zelda: A Chronology".

  • Alternate ending sequence

    Finish the game two times to get bonus mail after the ending sequence.