Robots Cheats - DS

Game Description:Rodney Copperbottom is a genius inventor. He's also a robot. Moving to the big city to work for the company founded by his childhood hero, Rodney runs into a big challenge. Rodney uncovers a plot to enslave the city and it's up to him to save the day! Along the way Rodney makes new friends, rides in wild robot vehicles, teams up with Wonderbot to solve puzzles, and battles bad bots. Based on Robots the Movie, Robots the game takes full advantage of a sci-fi universe filled with intrigue and wonder.
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Robots Cheats

  • Jack Hammer's Oil Rush

    Help Jack with the customers on the bar.

  • Transit System

    Enter a Transit System for the first time.

  • Bonus Transit Challenge Courses

    Complete all five transit courses throughout the game.

  • Outmode Transit

    Complete the Outmoe transit course.

  • Mansion Transit

    Complete the Bigweld's Mansion transit course.

  • BWI Transit

    Complete the Bigweld Industries transit course.

  • Special feature

    Play as all characters in the game to unlock a special feature.

  • Chop Shop Transit

    Complete the Chop Shop transit course.

  • Zip Line Course

    Find Bigwell in his mansion then complete the ZipLine stage where you hit dominoes.

  • Uppercity Transit

    Complete the Uppercity transit course.