Bust-a-Move DS Cheats - DS

  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Genre:Puzzle
  • Developer: Taito
  • Release Date:Dec 12, 2005
  • # of Players:5 players
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Everyone)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The popular Bust-a-Move puzzle franchise goes mobile on Nintendo DS. Bub and Bob are back, ready to sling bubbles from the bottom of the screen toward the top. When they match three bubbles, they burst! Fail to make matches, and they'll steadily fill up the screen. Bust-A-Move DS comes loaded with over 250 puzzles to solve, and that's not even counting the secret ones waiting to be unlocked. Use the DS stylus to aim Bub and Bob's slingshot. Link-up wirelessly for five-player party battles. Maximize your score by waiting to use special bubbles, including Bob, Star, Rainbow, and the nasty Nuisance bubble, at just the right time.
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Bust-a-Move DS Cheats

  • Sound test

    At the main menu, press Select, enter code

    Code: A, B, Left, Right, A, Select, Right

  • Chakkun

    Complete Puzzle Set Z then complete Puzzle Mode in DS Style.

  • Bonus Puzzle sets

    Get a high score for all the default puzzle sets to unlock the final four puzzle sets.

  • Another World

    Complete all "A" levels in Puzzle mode. The code to Another World will appear after completing the final puzzle in level 5-A. Press A, Left, Right, A at the title screen to unlock the Evil Sorcerer in Another World.