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Game Description:The legendary Castlevania RPG franchise leaps to the next-gen of portables with a new adventure that continues the story begun in Aria of Sorrow. An evil cult is out to sacrifice Soma. He decides to go on the offensive and get them first! Action unfolds on the bottom screen. Up top, find vital info and a castle map that's updated in real time. Use the touch screen to smash things in your way and defeat evil spirits with the new Magic Seal system. The Tactical Soul system returns, allowing you to collect the souls of vanquished enemies and wield their powers, plus trade 'em wirelessly with your friends.
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  • A Brief History of Castlevania: Part One

    It's hard to believe that we're coming up on 24 years of Castlevania, the franchise that keeps on putting the undead down. With Harmony of Despair coming out today, and Lords of Shadow spawning from the grave in October, it sounded like it was time for a history lesson that was all about Konami's vampire slaying series. Read More?

    Posted August 4, 2010

    A Brief History of Castlevania: Part One
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