Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats - DS

Game Description:Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Pokemon? Here's your chance! In this all-new Pokemon adventure, you'll wake up in a whole new world, the world of Pokemon! Speak with and interact with Pokemon as you complete rescue missions after a series of natural disasters. You'll encounter more than 380 Pokemon. Befriend as many as you can, and they'll be there when you need help! The more rescue missions you complete, the better your team's reputation will be. Journey far enough and you may even uncover your mysterious destiny in the Pokemon world. Blue Rescue Team's companion game, Red Rescue Team, is available for Game Boy Advance.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats

  • Find Wigglytuff mission

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    Code: ??-FH?F??3P?Q??+8?76t8??

  • The reward is 500 Poke.

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    Code: 1??94wt?0f9jnf?97770+8?w.

  • The reward is a 400 Poke and a Heal Ribbon.

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    Code: f?rpf?...??+7?ct?h64?0r???

  • The reward is a Max Elixir.

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    Code: 4?mf87t??3n4[Female]r?2-?6r8c??

  • The reward is TM 31 and 200 Poke.

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    Code: ??-fh?f??3p?q??+8?76T8??

  • Lucario Rank

    To get to this rank you must complete a lot of missions, but if you do an escort for an S rank you can get up to 500 points. There's also * rank which is the hardest, but if you have a good team you'll have Lucario rank in no time. Remember to bring plenty of reviver seeds and once you have gotten lucario rank a statue will apear of him goog luck

  • Deepseascale

    Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors)

  • Dragon Scale

    Wyvern Hill 29F - 30F

  • Link Cable

    Solar Cave 10F (Key required)

  • Team base

    After beating the Mankey Gang in Uproar Forest, Jumpluff gives you one Peeled Chestnut. Give it to the Mankey Gang to pay for construction of your team base. You only need two more Chestnuts from Uproar Forest. You usually cannot find them until floors 7 or 8. Your Pokemon peels a Chestnut to make it a Peeled Chestnut. Once the construction is...

  • King's Rock

    Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave

  • Sun Ribbon

    Wyvern Hill 20F (Key required)

  • Water Stone

    Northwind Field 29F (Key required)

  • Beauty Scarf

    Western Cave 59F (Key required)

  • Lucario Statue

    Reach 15,000 rescue points and earn the "Lucario" rank.

  • Deepseatooth

    Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors)

  • Lunar Ribbon

    Northwind Field 20F (Key required)

  • Metal Coat

    Southern Cave 49F - 50F

  • Sun Stone

    Solar Cave

  • Thunderstone

    Lightning Field 29F

  • Upgrade

    Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave

  • Weavile Statue

    Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon.

  • Bonsly Statue

    Complete all 21 mazes at the Makuhita Training Dojo.

  • Evolving Pokemon

    After you defeat Rayquaza, you can go to a cave next to Wishcash Pond. Your partner asks if he can go to its friend area. Select "Yes" and you can now enter the cave. Inside the cave a stone will ask if you want to evolve. Select "Yes" and you will evolve. REMEMBER: You can evolve others by going to their friend area and selecting "Become Leader".

  • Fire Stone

    Fiery Field 29F

  • Mime Jr. Statue

    Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon.

  • Moon Stone

    Solar Cave or Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave

  • Recruiting Deoxys

    After recruiting Lugia you will gain access to the Meteor Cave dungeon. Put only three huge apples in your inventory. Choose one Pokemon to enter the dungeon. It must be level 100. Defeat one mirage Deoxys per floor to advance to the next. Get to floor 20 and defeat Deoxys when he is in front of you. Deoxys will join your Rescue Team and you...

  • Avoid dying

    Save the game just before you go on a rescue. If you die, immediately turn off the power to your DS. Once you turn it back on, it will be as if it never happened. This is useful when going on long missions like Articuno, Groudon, and Rayquaza. It is extremely difficult to complete the second part of the mission if you lose most of your items.

  • Recruiting Mewtwo

    Mewtwo is at Western Cavern on the 99th floor. You can unlock it by recruiting all the Legendary Pokemon before him including the following: Ho-oh, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Kyogre, and Groudon. Western Cavern is a tough dungeon, and you will be able to recruit almost all of the fully evolved forms of the nine starter...

  • Leaf Stone

    Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave