Trauma Center: Under the Knife Cheats - DS

Game Description:Calm in the O.R. is shattered when a mystery disease sweeps through the area. Patients begin pouring in, and their lives are in your hands! Make incisions, carve out tumors, bandage wounds, apply anesthesia, check your patients' vitals, and more. You'll use the DS stylus as your scalpel to perform increasingly complex procedures on a variety of patients. But you need more than surgical skill to succeed. Your patience is put to the test as you handle human drama between appointments. With a compelling storyline, tense challenges, and vivid, lifelike graphics, Trauma Center brings you the full surgical experience - all for a whole lot less then it costs to go to med school.
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Trauma Center: Under the Knife Cheats

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  • Better CPR

    When giving CPR, put antibiotic gel on the blue bar before you begin pumping to decrease the time the patient spends flatlining by a lot.

  • Defusing the bomb

    When you are defusing the bomb, take your time. After you are told to pull out the triggers, you do not have to worry about the water anymore. All you will have to do now is follow the wires coming out of the box that show you the temperature. After that, you must take your time. You have to cut red wires and if you touch the white you will...