The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats - DS

Game Description:Steer yourself into The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and follow a googly-eyed Link as he travels the high seas in search of Tetra. A direct sequel to GameCube's The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, this game boasts cutesy, cartoon-like characters and many of the series' classic gameplay elements. Tap and slide the stylus to explore, solve puzzles, and fight as you travel to mysterious lands and dungeons galore. Or hit up the new multiplayer mode and play in an exciting game of tag where one player controls Link and the other commands Phantom guards.
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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats

  • bomg bag 20

    you buy bomb bag of 20 from masked beedle ship for 900 rupees

  • Break

    Break 10 or more of your opponent's helpful items.

  • Limit

    Defeat Link within the last 20 seconds twice

  • No Items

    Win without taking a single item

  • No Dribble

    Win without dropping a Force Gems outside a base or safe zone

  • Big Plays

    Go on Wi-Fi and play againt someone and if you do any of the tasks below, you will unlock a big play. For every four big plays you accomplish, a letter is sent to you telling you to go to Cannon island. When you get to Cannon Island, go to the house and you will receive a Golden part for your ship.

  • Get Everythig

    Win, turning all the Force Gems your color

  • No Miss

    Win without being taken down as Link

  • Take

    Pick up 10 or more of your helpful items

  • Guardian King

    Take Link down 3 times as the Phantoms

  • Perfect

    Complete the Big Plays "Get Everything" and "Guardian" in the same match

  • Perfect Master

    Complete the Big Plays "Perfect" and "Limit" in the same match

  • Quick

    Win a match, felling Link in the first 20 seconds of two turns

  • Guardian

    Win without letting your opponent score any points

  • Battle Master

    Complete the Big Plays "Limit" and "Master" in the same match

  • Miracle

    Win with a final score of 1-0

  • Master

    Complete the Big Plays "No Miss" and "Guardian" in the same match

  • Solo

    Defeat Link in any one turn using only one Phantom

  • Contact Mode/Freedle

    When you have the bow and arrows and bombs go to Marcay Island and go up north to find the crack. Bomb it and shoot the eye walk past the bridge shoot the eye outside. Hit the statue move it northwest. Follow the beam until you reach a wall. Bomb the wall and go on the other side. Go outside and go on top of the wee island and talk to Freedle....

  • South East Map

    Beat the third level of the temple of the ocean king to unlock the south east map.

  • How to get a cannon

    When trying to get a cannon go to cannon island then roam the sea then go back and you will get the cannon.

  • Bomb Door

    Take a bomb by clicking on it with your stylus and click where you want to drop it also with your stylus be carefull though because you cant hold the bomb to long or you will lose health. Do this on one of the cracks and it will help you to uncover the hidden hideaway.

  • Unlimited Rupees

    Sometimes when you sail out to sea, you will encounter a flying jellyfish thingy. Shoot it with your cannon and you will get one ruupee. Just keep shooting it until you have the rupees you want.

  • Get lots of Treasure at 'The Temple of the Ocean King' using the Phantom Sword

    This tip is simple really, Kill all the Enemies (Including the Phantoms, using the Phantom Sword) on the floor you're on, and get Treasure! (Note: It works on almost every floor!!)

  • The 3 Pure Metals Locations

    Here are the locations and the names of The 3 Pure Metals: Metal 1: Aquanine- Isle of Frost: The island is at the Southeastern map, Northeast on the Map. Metal 2: Crimsonine- Goron Island: The island is also at the Southeastern map, Southwest on the Map. Metal 3: (You'll find out what its called for this metal, cause I forgot)- Land of ruins:...

  • Kill phantoms with.. the Phantom Sword!!! (Read this after reading the 'Stun Phantoms!!!' Tip)

    Almost at the end of the game you' ll have to go back to 'The Temple of the Ocean King' to fight Bellum (THE MAIN BAD GUY) in a final battle. Before you enter the temple you must go to Zauz at Zauz Island and he will make you the 'Phantom Sword' using the 3 pure metals you've found. The problem is... the sword hasn't got a handle! You go to...

  • Stun Phantoms!

    After you have your bow and arrow you can use it to stun phantoms by shooting arrows on their back, this will make the phantom stunned and will just stand there, dizzy. Be careful! it only lasts about 10 seconds then the phantom awakens. So, use stunning to your advantage and don't slack off when their stunned! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO...

  • Evading Jolene

    When Jolene sees you plan a route going away from her and shoot the torpedos with your cannon.