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Game Description:Madden NFL 2005 heads to a whole new playing field on the Nintendo DS to put pigskin power in the palm of your hand! Delivering unprecedented 3D graphics for a handheld, Madden 2005 includes authentic uniforms for all 32 NFL teams and detailed face portraits for each player. A full Season Mode is complimented by Situation Mode, Two-Minute Drill, and other options. Use the lower touch screen to select plays, call audibles, and operate the Kick Meter. During gameplay, the action unfolds on the DS' top screen, while the bottom screen Field Radar displays all 22 player positions at once. Take your favorite team all the way to the Pro Bowl, or air it out against a friend with wireless head-to-head gameplay.
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Madden NFL 2005 Videos

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X Play Weeknights @ 8pm
With Blair Herter & Morgan Webb