Dark Reflections - DS

Dark Reflections
Game Description:Characterized as a "comedic adventure," with traditional role-playing elements blended with other unexpected gameplay concepts. In the not too distant future, Earth is still very much as it is today, save for a few technological enhancements. Elryck leads a pretty normal and moderately uneventful suburban life until one fateful morning when the Gates appear. Meanwhile, in a nearby city, Eliza, her friend Jenn, and Jenn's brother Jason go about their normal morning routine when they are suddenly and violently interrupted by the Gates as well. These "Gates" are actually interdimensional portals being opened by a race of multidimensional conquerors with Earth Dimension Rho-M as their next target. In a matter of hours the entire planet is under their control. Now Elryck, Eliza, Jenn, Jason, and a cast of other quirky and mysterious characters alike must join forces to put a stop to this massive occupying force and save their Earth from falling like hundeds of dimensions before it.
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