Cerulean Dreams - DS

Cerulean Dreams
Game Description:A top-down flight shooter which combines the fast-paced action of traditional shooters with an immersive storyline, and RPG elements. Players interact with other pilots and gain experience, levels, and new special attacks. Other ships and pilots have an integral part of the story, and fly missions alongside the player. The story begins in a world where people have never seen the earth of the planet they live on. Its people live in cities floating high in the sky using an ancient technology they don't understand. Their world is ravaged by a war that has been going on for longer than many care to remember, between the two major sky-powers - the Deladian Kingdom and the Xamin Empire. When Gene Hakins, friend and squad leader of Deladian pilots Kayle Sethan and Crystal Shelia crashes below the forbidden and mysterious "Second Layer" during a major Deladian offensive, Kayle disobeys orders and embarks on a mission to penetrate the Second Layer and find his friend. There, they find out the secrets of what exists below the clouds, and together must battle stridently to avert the destruction of their world.
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