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Game Description:This multiplayer Dreamcast game from Metro3D sets the stage thousands of years in the future, after humanity has divided into six subspecies. You can join one of the six races: Terran, Eldred, Nomad, Drakken, Scarab, and Vorgan, each with its own technology. Once you chose your race, it's on to the most important mission -- to save all of humanity before it is completely destroyed by the alien force known as the Armada.
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  • Bohemia: Arma "Spies" Were Only "Experiencing The Island's Beautiful Surroundings"

    Earlier today, it was revealed that two developers from Bohemia Interactive (The Arma series) were arrested in Lemnos, Greece for collecting photos and video footage of the nation's military installations -- basically, spying. According to a statement released by their employer, Bohemia Interactive, the pair were on a holiday and visited the...

    Posted September 11, 2012

    Bohemia: Arma "Spies" Were Only "Experiencing The Island's Beautiful Surroundings"
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