Blue Stinger - DC

Blue Stinger
Game Description:Survival horror game from Climax Graphics. The basic gist of the story is that a member of ESER (Especial Sea Rescue) Eliot Ballade, witnesses an incident, in which a nearby island, known as Dinosaur Island, is engulfed in a shockwave of energy. The blast of energy damages the boat that Eliot is vacationing on, killing the boat's captain and knocking our hero unconscious-only to awaken some time later to the site of Nephilim, an angelic looking spirit that saves Eliot's life. Eliot must explore the monster-infested island and make prudent use of ammunition, and to stay healthy enough to progress through the game unraveling the story in the process. Monster kills register in the form of coinage that flows forth from their carcasses, which is in turn used to purchase ammunition, health food and health drinks.
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