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Game Description:A 2D one-on-one fighting game by ARC System Works (the makers of Guilty Gear.) Produced by Guilty Gear producer Toshimichi Mori, the game features an all-original cast (including many weapon fighters) and uses a four-button control scheme (weak, medium and strong attacks plus an EX button which makes your character perform unique special attacks.) The fighting system is based around players being able to continue combos when opponents are in a down state. On the defensive side, you'll have a number of ways of getting back up when downed, so you don't get pummeled by combo attacks. BlazeBlue employs the Type X2 arcade board and mixes 3D characters and 3D backdrops.
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  • 20 Minutes of 'BlazBlue' Console Direct-Feed Walkthrough/Gameplay

    Today's news of the 2D fighting arcade gem BlazeBlue coming to home consoles has 2D fighting fans everywhere on notice. BlazBlue offers a tremendous step up for the 2D fighting genre into the HD era, making its way from the arcade to the PS3 and Xbox 360. These editions will feature new modes: the latest arcade character roster, the awesome epic...

    Posted March 4, 2009| 30 Comments

    20 Minutes of 'BlazBlue' Console Direct-Feed Walkthrough/Gameplay
  • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger DIrect-Feed Gameplay (PS3)

    Posted: March 4, 2009

    6,927 Views | 10:40

  • Hands On Preview: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

    Posted: March 4, 2009

    15,648 Views | 05:42 | 11 Comments