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Donkey Kong 3
Game Description:Donkey Kong 3-e is the third DK sequel that hit arcades in the early 80s. The game design takes a tremendous departure from the Donkey Kong gameplay, taking a much more dramatic leap from Donkey Kong Jr. than Donkey Kong Jr. did from the original Donkey Kong; the only connection this sequel has to previous games in the Donkey Kong brand is, of course, Donkey Kong himself. In the game, players take control of Stanley the bug man, using his bug spray to not only exterminate the insects flying around, but also to scoot Donkey Kong up the vines by blasting him in the crotch. Getting Donkey Kong up the vines will sometime knock down a much more powerful blaster that can pretty much wipe out any insect fluttering around...not to mention getting Donkey Kong up higher with more powerful crotch-sprays.
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