Warlords - Arc

Game Description:An endlessly addictive multiplayer variation of block-busting/ball-bouncing games such as Pong, Warlords became a classic with its simple and challenging four square structure. Each competitor in the game is in charge of defending a castle (represented as a wall of bricks at each corner of the TV screen) from volleying fireball attacks let loose by a war dragon. Your bounce shield will send the fireball hurtling at your foes based on the angle of incident and speed of deflection, and by holding down the game button, you can "catch" the fireball to aim it where you want to attack and release it at super-speed. The game becomes heated the more you play, but the real fun is when other players take up arms in multiplayer play! Deflect the attacks as best you can as more and more fireballs appear and don't let any one of your three crafty opponents get the best of you -- some might even strike up an alliance with one castle to double up against their most hated rival, but don't forget that only one may stand at the end! One of the greatest aspects of the original arcade Warlords was its somewhat unique game cabinet version -- the game was a hit as an early "cocktail" game, a game cabinet that was built as a table instead of as a stand-up machine. The TV was placed flat on its back (in a cabinet that also become popular in other games for bars, although Warlords featured a unique table built for the machine and its four rotary dials), and players would take up a spot at all four corners of the machine for incredible multiplayer bouts.
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