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Space Invaders
Game Description:The only thing between you and five rows of aliens bent on ending your game early is your trusty laser turret. It's a familiar concept to modern gamers, but it was completely unprecedented in 1978. Pong was a mere novelty, the video craze started here. There are multiple targets to begin with, and your initial spray of lasers puts a dent in the predictably descending formation. But as your heart beats to the increasing rhythm of digital bleeps, you suddenly realize that there just isn't enough time to take out every invader. Feelings of anxiety and panic prevail as your lasers barely graze your last few, swiftly moving targets, and the pixelated infiltrators press ever downward. Space Invaders' greatest accomplishment is its creation of an experience that is deeper than merely shooting targets. It also marks many historical firsts: the first Japanese mega hit; the first high score feature; the first "game over" screen.
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