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Game Description:Heavy Rain: In this dark, atmospheric mystery game, players jump between four characters as they try to solve a case involving a serial killer known as the Origami Killer. Gameplay consists of guiding the characters through interactions and events by hitting corresponding letters that appear on screen at specific moments, making the experience more akin to an interactive movie than a traditional video game. Featuring stunning visuals, an engrossing story and unique gameplay, this is one storm you'll definitely want to be caught in.
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Kinect, Move, or Wii: Your Holiday Guide to Motion Control Games of 2010

Kinect, Move, or Wii: Your Holiday Guide to Motion Control Games of 2010

By Dana Vinson - Posted Nov 19, 2010

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All three major consoles are now equipped with motion controls, so we’ve put together a list of the best games of 2010 for the PlayStation Move, Microsoft Kinect, and the Nintendo Wii. This motion control games gift guide will help you pick out the standout titles of the year.

Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures

Usually, new motion control systems are bundled with a sports game, designed to showcase the peripheral’s power. With Kinect, however, Microsoft did something very clever by including Kinect Adventures instead. Adventures is a collection of movement mini-games, comprised of things like river rafting and obstacle courses, couched in a very creative and engaging little package. The attention to detail in Kinect Adventures is what really sets it apart from the rest; a lot of thought was put into everything from the graphics to the soundtrack to the gameplay, and that’s what makes Adventures so great.

Sports Champions

Sports Champions

The Move has had a lukewarm coming out, both with the media and the general public, but one thing that can’t be denied is how fun Sports Champions can be. While Wii Sports and even Kinect Sports will give you sort of a cartoonish vibe, Sports Champions is straight up serious. If you’re looking for a realistic sports sim, Champions fills the void. With sports like volleyball, archery, and (even) bocce, the game shows the power of the Move, while providing fun at the same time.

Kinect Sports Holiday

Kinect Sports

If you want something that’s not as kiddy as Wii Sports, and has a more relaxed vibe than the serious Sports Champions, take a look at Kinect Sports. Sports is a great blend of action and fun, dressed up in a festive atmosphere. The Kinect is also very responsive, and there’s a unique thrill in playing a motion controlled sports game without anything in your hands.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain (with Move patch)

Heavy Rain was the story-rich action PlayStation 3 exclusive that everyone raved about in spring of 2010. With the release of Move, Sony updated the game through a patch to include motion support. If you’ve already played through Heavy Rain, it probably isn’t worth another playthrough using Move; however, if you’ve never played, the Move integration is well worth it and only serves to enrich the experience of playing through the story even more. 

NBA Jam Holiday


has been resurrected and ported to the Wii. While keeping the spirit of the original game intact, EA has revamped the classic and added motion control. The cartoony nature of this frenetic jam fest stirs up a lot of nostalgia, but it’s a perfect match for the Wii’s motion controls. NBA Jam is a game that resides in the hearts and minds of so many gamers, and we were impressed by the attention to detail EA put into the game. The levels of unlockable extras is a very cool addition, and we can’t get enough of playing as President Obama.

Gamescom 2010: 11 New Dance Central Tracks Revealed

Dance Central

Dance Central is the crown jewel of the Kinect launch line up. In Dance Central, you dance. The nice little dancer on screen shows you how to dance and then you do it. You may think, "But I'm not a dancer!" It really doesn't matter, because as long as you can mirror the movements of the character on screen, you'll have a blast. Dance Central is great as both a party game and a single-player experience, and everyone from your little brother to your grandma will appreciate grooving along to today’s pop hits.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Yoshi and Mario team up to explore new worlds and battle new enemies. A polished and robust experience, the game builds on the ideas of spherical navigation and gravitational pull introduced in Super Mario Galaxy. If you love collecting and colorful worlds, SMG 2 is near perfection. Plus, it’s Mario, and we can’t get enough of Mario on the Wii. It’s nice to have motion controls built into a game rather than have a game built around motion controls.



To put it simply, if a very complicated version of Jenga fell in love with Boom Blox, their lovechild would be Tumble. The downloadable game from PlayStation Network uses Move to help you stack blocks, configure blocks on a platform, or place mines on pre-built towers. It’s a series of puzzles that will keep you sharp and entertain you at the same time. While most motion control games are a workout for you body, Tumble is a workout for you mind...and hands.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Wii

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 on the Wii is an incredible experience. Utilizing WiiMotion Plus, it’s definitely the most satisfying motion control golf experience available across all the consoles. Tiger 11 will appeal not only to the hardcore golf aficionado, but to casual fans of the sport or those just looking to ruin a good virtual walk. While other platforms have tried to do motion control golf games (some with more success than others), Tiger Woods on the Wii is still the gold standard.

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