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A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2005

Here We Go Again It's that time of year again. The arrival of the one event that somehow always manages to overwhelm online journalists with mixed feelings of anticipation and dread. Of course...

05/02/2005 Game Makers
Icons Interview: Frank Miller

Icons sits down with the legendary Frank Miller, creator of Sin City, to talk about Hollywood, Batman, Elektra, and the importance of heroic sacrifice.

03/31/2005 Game Makers
Will Sin City Teach Hollywood a Lesson?

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller have teamed up to film an almost panel-for-panel recreation of three of the Sin City graphic novels. Will Hollywood learn anything from their bold decision?

03/31/2005 Game Makers
Things I Learned from Playing "Splinter Cell"

Want to learn how to be a spy? There's no better teacher than a really good video game.

03/03/2005 Game Makers
Valve Q&A

The Icons crew got to sit down with the folks at Valve for a brief Q&A session.

11/15/2004 Game Makers
The Art of Metal Gear Solid

Take a look at the beautiful art of Metal Gear Solid character designer Yoji Shinkawa.

10/28/2004 Game Makers
Other Famous Princes

Check out these other Princes.

09/30/2004 Game Makers
The Icons Team Visits Ubi Soft

Check out these photos from the Icons team's visit to Ubi Soft Studios in Montreal.

09/30/2004 Game Makers
Star Wars Showdown: Yoda and Chewie in a Battle of Wits

Perhaps Yoda should let the Wookiee win.

09/22/2004 Game Makers
LucasArts: The Magic Continues… takes a look at George Lucas’ LucasArts and the Star Wars universe in the video game world.

09/21/2004 Game Makers
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