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Tommy Tallarico

Tommy Tallarico gives his opinionated take on the latest games as co-host of "Judgment Day." Apart from his television work, Tallarico has a hugely successful career as a video game music composer....

06/19/2006 The Electric Playground
Victor Lucas' Holiday Lists

Electric Playground/Judgment Day co-host Victor Lucas Gives Us His Holiday Lists.

11/22/2005 The Electric Playground
Unaired Mad Magazine TV Special Unearthed!

Inspired by the Spy Vs. Spy game, we look at this unreleased 1970s Mad TV special.

08/17/2005 The Electric Playground
Begin Again: A Look At The New Batmobile

Batman Begins introduces a new Batmobile, so we introduce it to you.

06/07/2005 The Electric Playground
Classic Movies We'd Like To See Turned Into Video Games

Hey Hollywood! Listen up! We want you to make games out of THESE movies.

05/26/2005 The Electric Playground
E3 Health & Safety Tips For Hardcore Gamers

How to survive three days of E3 madness.

05/05/2005 The Electric Playground
Jade Raymond Q&A

Electric Playground co-host Jade Raymond speaks!

03/30/2005 The Electric Playground
Julie Stoffer Q&A

Step into the world of Electric Playground co-host Julie Stoffer.

03/17/2005 The Electric Playground
Mario Games We DO NOT Want To See

Mario has come a long way since Donkey Kong, but there some places we just don't want him to go!

02/18/2005 The Electric Playground
Straight To Video: The Best & Worst Of Movie Gaming

Top 5 Best & Worst Movies-To-Games, Games-To-Movies

02/03/2005 The Electric Playground
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