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New 'Castlevania Judgment' Screens Illuminate Trevor Belmont, Carmilla and Golem
Lords of Shadow (PS3 X360)
Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! (Wii)
Lost in Blue 3 (DS)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)
Hellboy: The Science of Evil (PSP, PS3, XBOX 360)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Silent Hill: Homecoming (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
Rock Revolution: DS, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360
New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Direct-Feed Boss Fight
New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' First 15 Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage
New 'Castlevania Judgement' Trailer
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  • New 'Castlevania Judgement' Trailer »
  • Konami brings the legendary Castlevania series into the realm of fighting with Castlevania Judgment for the Nintendo Wii. Live out your fantasy...
  • 2862 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes
New 'Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia' Trailer
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  • New 'Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia' Trailer »
  • Pick up where Castlevania: Symphony of the Night left off visually (with the return of Ayami Kojima's traditional 2D detailed art) in Konami's...
  • 2862 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes
New 'Rock Revolution' Trailer
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  • New 'Rock Revolution' Trailer »
  • Konami, the original pioneers of the music game genre, throws their hat into the ring with Rock Revolution for the DS, PS3, Wii, and the Xbox 360. ...
  • 2869 days, 9 hours, 27 minutes
New 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2009' Images
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  • New 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2009' Images »
  • New screens from Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 show off the new stadiums and character detail. Start kickin' November 11th on the PS2 and the...
  • 2879 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes
Castlevania Judgment Preview
Rock Revolution Preview
Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview »
  • Konami gives us a preview of their latest survival horror title Silent Hill: Homecoming due out on September 2008 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC...
  • 2892 days, 12 hours, 51 minutes
New 'Castlevania Judgment' Images
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  • New 'Castlevania Judgment' Images »
  • New images for Castlevania Judgment, Konami's unique fighter for the Wii coming November 18th. Read More?
  • 2899 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes
New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Screens
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  • New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Screens »
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming reminds us why we don't take vacations to the sleepy little town in the fog with these new images. Hang out with Pyramid...
  • 2899 days, 7 hours, 25 minutes