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'Bayonetta' Hyper-Provocative UK Trailer
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  • 'Bayonetta' Hyper-Provocative UK Trailer »
  • This UK trailer for Sega's new action game Bayonetta, features tons of provocative images and gameplay. Director Hideki Kamiya, of Devil May Cry...
  • 3071 days, 13 hours, 19 minutes, 44 seconds
'Empire: Total War' Campaign Trailer
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  • 'Empire: Total War' Campaign Trailer »
  • In the video below, Creative Assembly and Sega detail the Campaign mode in the RTS/turn-based strategy hybrid Empire: Total War for the PC. ...
  • 3074 days, 15 hours, 28 minutes, 44 seconds
'Valkyria Chronicles' Welkin Introduction Video
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  • 'Valkyria Chronicles' Welkin Introduction Video »
  • Meet Welkin Gunther, the leader of your band of Gallian nationals in Sega's action, tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles exclusively for the PS3. Step...
  • 3077 days, 13 hours, 1 minute, 44 seconds
'Alpha Protocol' CG Trailer
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  • 'Alpha Protocol' CG Trailer »
  • Looking for a new fix of undercover C.I.A. activity to mix into your gaming diet? Sega and Obsidian Entertainment are offering a new third-person,...
  • 3078 days, 15 hours, 20 minutes, 44 seconds
'Golden Axe: Beast Rider' Tyrus Flare Trailer
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  • 'Golden Axe: Beast Rider' Tyrus Flare Trailer »
  • In Sega's Golden Axe: Beast Rider for the Xbox 360 and PS3, you'll take control of the sexy and fierce Tyrus Flare, an Amazon with many axes to...
  • 3084 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes, 44 seconds
New 'Sonic and the Black Knight' Trailer
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  • New 'Sonic and the Black Knight' Trailer »
  • Sonic wields a blade and enters the Arthurian medieval world in the storybook Sonic series with Sonic and the Black Knight for the Nintendo Wii....
  • 3085 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes, 44 seconds
Football Manager 2009 (PC, PSP)
Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)
Samba de Amigo (Wii)
House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii)
Bleach: Dark Souls (DS)
Golden Axe Beast Rider (PS3, Xbox 360)
Empire: Total War (PC)
Bayonetta (PS3, X360)
Madworld (Wii)
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Xbox 360)
Yakuza 2 (PS2)
Beijing 2008: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
Sonic Unleashed (PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (DS)