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New 'Fracture' Multiplayer Trailer
Posted By: Jeffrey Kanjanapangka - Monday, October 06, 2008 11:06 AM

Day 1 Studios and LucasArts seek to literally change the multiplayer gaming battlefield with their third-person shooter Fracture.  Hope you've been practicing with your subterranean torpedoes this baby goes live tomorrow on your PS3 and Xbox 360.

Fracture Multiplayer Trailer



Posted by SynicVance - Tuesday, October 07, 2008 11:04 AM
Can't wait to play capture the flag in this. Just imagine trying to take the flag into the base and someone raises the ground in front of the door, access denied.

Posted by The Emperor's Champion - Monday, October 06, 2008 3:18 PM
I disagree. More games. As long as they're good I want them to release more.

Posted by Metal_Madman - Monday, October 06, 2008 2:00 PM
I agree, but it's a shame there are so many other games coming out in the next 3 months many of which are AAA titles. I just won't have any time for this game for a while. I did enjoy the demo but I really wish these game companies would spread out thier games more.

This hobby is way to expensive at the end of the year, we do have to buy gifts for others too.

Posted by The Emperor's Champion - Monday, October 06, 2008 1:44 PM
Lookin sweet.

Posted by typical_sony_fanboy - Monday, October 06, 2008 1:17 PM
i thought that this was going to be another generic shooter but then i played the demo and it was way above my expectations

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