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Welcome to Videogame Deathmath: Best Franchise, where you get to choose the best game franchise of all time. 32 of the top series will battle it out... We supply the bracket, you vote in each round and the winners will move on until there's only one left.

How to Play

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Final Round Battle: Complete

It all comes down to this: Nintendo's epic adventure saga versus Blizzard's real-time strategy sensation. One created a gameplay genre that stands the test of time, the other redefined competitive gaming across the world. Which series will be the Best Franchise? Vote now!

Round Four Battles: Complete

Whether you parkour across ancient cities in Assassin's Creed or ride on horseback through Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda, you're in for one of the top games in the action-adventure genre. But there can be only one!
Mass Effect 2 and Starcraft 2 fought it out over Best Game of 2010. It seems as though they still have a score to settle, this time for best franchise. Commander Shepard or Jim Raynor, who do you trust to save the galaxy?

Round Three Battles: Complete

The Assassins are fighting against the Vault Dwellers in Round 3 of VGDM. Who will win: The open world of our past with Assassin's Creed or the morality epic of our future with Fallout?
Whether you prefer stealing cars in Liberty City or horses from Lon Lon Ranch, you must recognize that these groundbreaking franchises have earned their place in history. But in the end there can be only one.
The Reapers threaten the galaxy while a zombie virus spreads across all humanity. Which is the greater threat, or better franchise? No matter who survives, it's a battle of the best!
The twin darlings of master creator, Blizzard, go head-to-head in a battle of the 'crafts. Will it be the legendary strategy RTS that spawned a game-changing fantasy MMORPG or the space-faring RTS that changed the face of competitive gaming forever? You decide.

Round Two Battles: Complete

A fanciful historical assassin takes on tough-as-leather dog faces in this battle of agility versus pure firepower. Sure, retracting wrist blades are cool, but can they take out an M-16?
Marcus Phoenix and his fellow Gears pit their massive lancers against the homebrew weaponry of Fallout’s post-apocalyptic wasteland. Watch two competing game philosophies (open-world RPG vs. linear action shoot-em-up) collide in an epic battle for ultimate video game franchise supremacy.
The contrast between these two franchises makes for an amazing battle: The streets come to Mount Olympus when the GTA crew takes on two-toned god-slayer Kratos; sure he slew Zeus, but can Kratos put blade through Niko Bellic?
This battle pits Nintendo’s two biggest franchises head-to-head. Who could have predicted a world where Link would be forced to swing his sword at the head of the world’s most famous plumber?
Story meets action and gore in this unlikely match-up between an space-faring RPG and ultra-violent fighting franchise. Decide which health-bar gets lowest first by voting now!
Pac-Man is on a quest for more pellets while the heroes of Resident Evil are on mission for more bullets. Either way, you're fighting the once-living. Only one can take the title of best franchise!
It's your classic battle of RTS against RPG, the Zerg versus the Dwemer, minerals or magic. Each has dedicated fans willing to wait years for their next installment. Who will prevail?
In Uncharted, you're searching for gold and in Warcraft, you're mining for gold. Each boast compelling characters and cinematics to die for, but which game-changer will be the Best Franchise?

Round One Battles: Complete

Hidden wrist knives vs. enormous machine guns with underslung grenade launchers? Hardly seems like a fair battle. But stealth and roof-running aren't something that most battle squadrons take into account. It's cunning vs. gunning in this faceoff.
Instead of fighting separately, why doesn't the Belmont clan just team up with Call of Duty to bring automatic weapons into the fight against Dracula? But going head to head, you're going to have to bet whips against rifles. That's a tough call.
Ironically, this battle pits the birth of life and flourishment of mankind across the globe against a post-apocalyptic nightmare where survival is difficult at best. Both games heading in opposite directions towards common goals. Who will win?
Giant guns, biceps, and brawn doing battle against magic, swords, and motorcycles? Final Fantasy has enough emo-power to go the distance, but Gears has juggernaut action, which can be tough to bring down. This could go either way.
Sure, the cars in Gran Turismo don’t have any tearable appendages or exposed breasts, but I have a feeling that won’t stop Kratos from unleashing some of his signature justice on their gorgeously rendered chassis.
An MIT professor with a Gravity Gun versus sociopathic hoodlums out to climb the crime ladder one dead hobo at a time? The phrase “Showdown of the Century” comes to mind, no?
Link taught us that untold numbers of deadly creatures, traps, and evil forces are no match for love, and Master Chief taught us the simple pleasure of squatting over our friends’ dead bodies. Talk about a tough match up.
Nintendo’s beloved turtle-hating plumber is a giant among giants and EA’s perennially chart topping pigskin franchise continues to dominate sports gaming. It’s fireballs versus footballs in this digital gridiron showdown.
A team of space-faring adventurers against a stealthy agent who operates best on his own? Normally Shepard would have the upper hand, but never count out Snake's OctoCamo for shadow slinking.
The ultimate warrior-woman squares in a high-tech suit of armor faces off against some of the deadliest fighters ever to exist. Samus may not rip out spines, but the arm-cannon she's packing can hold its own against Subzero and Scorpion any day.
If you boil it down, both of these franchises feature racers, but where one eats up asphalt, the other one searches for power pellets. Icon vs. supercharged automobile: green light means go!
You'd never expect to see adorable little fire and water-based creatures going up against horribly twisted mutants, would you? But we're definitely ready to pit Pokeball against the T-Virus to see what happens.
This unique match-up pits the horrible supernatural horrors of the town of Silent Hill against the deadly, advanced technology of the StarCraft universe.
The franchise you prefer here says a lot about you as a person. Do you the like pure energy, speed and brief flurries of ultra-violence of Street Fighter? Or are you more into the relaxed story-telling, sprawling landscapes and an immersive atmosphere of The Elder Scrolls franchise? Just who ARE you?
Uncharted owes a huge debt of gratitude to the influential Tomb Raider series, but has the pupil surpassed its adventure-gaming master? Vote to make your voice heard!
Twin titans of the strategy genre square off in this match-up, with the sci-fi styling of X-COM slamming head-on into Warcraft's swords and Orcs.

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