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X-Play Live: A Show On Television Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Through 12 years, three name changes, and over 1,000 episodes, X-Play has persevered as the most watched video game show on television. Come join Adam, Morgan and the whole X-Play crew for the greatest panel in Comic-Con history.

X-Play LIVE: A Show on Television - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

X-Play LIVE: A Show on Television - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Mike D'Alonzo - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[12:00] Eric Eckstein: "Please stand by for the X-Play LIVE panel!"

[12:04] Mike D'Alonzo: "Hey kids! Mike D'Alonzo here, live from the X-Play panel that's just about to start. The room is all abuzz, and we're just about ready to go..."

[12:04] Mike D'Alonzo: "Sessler just hit the podium to a ton of applause..."

[12:05] [Comment From Brandon Krist: ] "anyy footage for this one"

[12:05] Mike D'Alonzo: "There will be! Keep checking back to G4tv.com as the week goes on..."

[12:06] Mike D'Alonzo: "Sorry for the slow updates. Comic-Con connectivity is really a toughie."

[12:07] Mike D'Alonzo: "And, away we go! Wade Beckett, Executive Producer is announcing Michael Leffler, our old friend Drunk Link...."

[12:07] Mike D'Alonzo: "He's producing the panel."

[12:07] Mike D'Alonzo: "X-Play chant!!!!"

[12:07] Mike D'Alonzo: "Here we go!!!"

[12:08] Mike D'Alonzo: "Everyone's here. JP Shub, Abbie Heppe, Kristin Adams, Blair Herter, and, of course, Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler! Getting the basketball introductions..."

[12:09] Mike D'Alonzo: "Sessler gets ridiculous applause, of course."

[12:11] Mike D'Alonzo: "We're hiring new interns...live at the Con!"

[12:12] Mike D'Alonzo: "They're picking them out of the crowd."

[12:12] Mike D'Alonzo: "Three of them, just for the day. They get intern shirts and all."

[12:13] Mike D'Alonzo: "Intern number one gets to make bologna sandwiches for Adam and Morgan for the entire panel. Adam only likes the first bite..."

[12:13] Mike D'Alonzo: "Uh oh..."

[12:13] Mike D'Alonzo: "Morgan's intern...#2...she has to play Crisis Core on the PSP for the entire panel."

[12:13] Mike D'Alonzo: "For a whole hour."

[12:14] Mike D'Alonzo: "Interns get sweet "Intern" shirts."

[12:14] Mike D'Alonzo: "Questions are coming."

[12:14] Eric Eckstein: "I'm seeing in some of the comments people are wondering why there's no audio or video...Comic-Con doesn't let you broadcast or stream their panels, so we liveblog during the event -- and in certain cases, we will be able to show you the recorded video after the fact."

[12:14] Eric Eckstein: "This X-Play panel is one such case, so stay tuned for the video in the future!"

[12:15] Poll: Would you make Sessler sandwiches for a whole hour, just to get a sweet shirt?

Hell yes!: (69%)

No way.: (7%)

He should make me sandwiches.: (24%)

[12:16] Mike D'Alonzo: "First question...who will be strongest in the X-Play videogame?"

[12:16] Mike D'Alonzo: "Sessler will explode from the inside. He wins."

[12:16] Mike D'Alonzo: "Second question...how old is Adam, really? Huge laugh from the crowd."

[12:17] Mike D'Alonzo: "Adam uses the kid's age (18) as a reference point."

[12:17] Mike D'Alonzo: "His first memory of a movie is "Pocohantas""

[12:17] Mike D'Alonzo: "Adam was a senior in college at the time. Do the math."

[12:18] Mike D'Alonzo: "Sandwich update. The intern has a system. The panel is unhappy with the system."

[12:19] Mike D'Alonzo: "Bologna imported directly from Los Angeles! Yummy!"

[12:19] Mike D'Alonzo: "Next question. How do you get a job reviewing games?"

[12:20] Mike D'Alonzo: "Morgan suggests you just review games and start a site of your own, express yourself coherently, and try to get a following."

[12:20] Mike D'Alonzo: "Kristen suggests that you become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, get into the Top 30 on American Idol, and wait for a phone call."

[12:22] Mike D'Alonzo: "Adam says you should learn to spell. Not you guys...people who want to write game reviews."

[12:23] Mike D'Alonzo: "They discuss the idea that they only like Microsoft and not Sony, and how ludicrous that is."

[12:23] Mike D'Alonzo: "Will Morgan Von Webb ever return? Morgan says probably not."

[12:24] Mike D'Alonzo: "Trivia question: Morgan had a robot baby...who was the father?"

[12:26] Eric Eckstein: "Trivia question: Who won the Golden Mullet for Worst Game Across All Platforms in 2009?"

[12:26] Eric Eckstein: "Onichambara"

[12:27] Eric Eckstein: "Adam and Morgan talk about how game quality has gone up over the years."

[12:27] Eric Eckstein: "Except for DS and Wii."

[12:27] Eric Eckstein: "(yes, I've become Mike D'Alonzo - my dreams have been realized)"

[12:28] Eric Eckstein: "What's a typical day at X-Play like?"

[12:28] Eric Eckstein: "Wade shows a video."

[12:28] Eric Eckstein: "Just to show you."

[12:28] Eric Eckstein: "It's pretty hilarious."

[12:29] Eric Eckstein: "A Day In The Life of X-Play"

[12:30] Eric Eckstein: "Including an awesome intern fight sequence."

[12:32] Eric Eckstein: "Herter is absolutely hysterical in this."

[12:34] Eric Eckstein: "Ross Beely takes his shirt off to show off the chisled physique he shows off in all the "chisled physique" X-Play videos."

[12:34] Eric Eckstein: "Next question: What does it take to work for G4 in general?"

[12:34] Eric Eckstein: "Be in Los Angeles. Have toys in your cubicle."

[12:34] Eric Eckstein: "Next dude wants a 5 out of 5 from Adam. Gets it."

[12:36] Eric Eckstein: "Adam discusses the genesis of the "out of 5 voice."

[12:36] Eric Eckstein: "Next trivia question: Who was the special guest at the end of the 1000th Episode?"

[12:36] Eric Eckstein: "Answer: Rip Taylor."

[12:36] Eric Eckstein: "Blair's intern will now, honestly, shave his chest."

[12:36] Eric Eckstein: "Not his own. Blair's."

[12:37] Eric Eckstein: "There might be blood."

[12:37] Eric Eckstein: "He's getting an X-Play logo shaved in his chest."

[12:38] Eric Eckstein: "Real, genuine hilarity ensues."

[12:38] Eric Eckstein: "You'll be able to see it on G4tv.com soon."

[12:38] Eric Eckstein: "It's very funny."

[12:39] Eric Eckstein: "Sess needs a new sandwich. Low blood sugar...he might start yelling."

[12:40] Mike D'Alonzo: "Next audience question..."

[12:40] Mike D'Alonzo: "For Morgan: Does Adam Sessler remind you more of Clay Aiken or Lance Bass?"

[12:40] Mike D'Alonzo: "Musically speaking, that is."

[12:41] Mike D'Alonzo: "The answer is overwhelmingly Aiken."

[12:42] Mike D'Alonzo: "Wade talks about the new American Ninja Warrior."

[12:42] Eric Eckstein: "New trivia question:"

[12:43] Eric Eckstein: "Morgan Webb's first TV appearance was a segment about what country"

[12:43] Eric Eckstein: "Answer: Canada."

[12:43] Mike D'Alonzo: "New question: Where's Johnny X-treme?"

[12:43] Mike D'Alonzo: "In the wilds of the Canadian Rockies...perhaps never to return."

[12:44] Mike D'Alonzo: "Question about Morgan's shoe collection."

[12:44] Mike D'Alonzo: "There should, apparently, be more variety."

[12:45] Mike D'Alonzo: "What gaming genres do they like best?"

[12:46] Mike D'Alonzo: "JP likes rock."

[12:46] Mike D'Alonzo: "Leffler likes chainsaws."

[12:46] Mike D'Alonzo: "Abbie likes shooters."

[12:46] Mike D'Alonzo: "Kristin likes Rock Band."

[12:47] Mike D'Alonzo: "Blair likes romantic comedies."

[12:47] Mike D'Alonzo: "Morgan likes platformers and shooters."

[12:48] Mike D'Alonzo: "Adam loves Just Dance."

[12:49] Eric Eckstein: "Adam also likes console RPGs."

[12:49] Mike D'Alonzo: "And console RPGs"

[12:49] Eric Eckstein: "Mike D'Alonzo likes Madden."

[12:50] Mike D'Alonzo: "Adam is asked about Pokemon. Very specifically."

[12:50] Eric Eckstein: "Sandwich check."

[12:50] Eric Eckstein: "He's done."

[12:50] Eric Eckstein: "Blair wants him to unmake and remake the sammiches."

[12:51] Eric Eckstein: "New trivia question: Who played Adam 2.0?"

[12:51] Eric Eckstein: "Adam's brother, Jonathan."

[12:52] Mike D'Alonzo: "Last question: What was Ratty's first appearance?"

[12:53] Mike D'Alonzo: "Fan in the panel shows off exclusive Comic-Con 2010 X-Play merch."

[12:53] Mike D'Alonzo: "Don't you wish you were here now?"

[12:57] Eric Eckstein: "Fan question: What other geek stuff are you into?"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Abbie: They Might Be Giants"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Leffler: Sci-Fi movies"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "JP: Slayer and horror movies"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Blair: Chicks with purple hair..."

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "and comic books"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Morgan: Star Trek and anime!"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Adam: Horror movies and classic animation. Disney/Warner Bros. stuff."

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Last question: Hilary (the asker) wants a sandwich. Can she have one?"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Yes!"

[12:58] Eric Eckstein: "Wade wraps it up with a thank you to the crowd, and that's that! Thank you all for reading along!"

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