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Walt Disney Pictures: Tron: Legacy Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Walt Disney Pictures presents a special insider look at TRON: Legacy. Panelists include filmmakers and talent from the film including Joseph Kosinski, producers Sean Bailey and Steven Lisberger, and cast members Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund.

Walt Disney Pictures: TRON: Legacy - Comic-Con 2010 Liveblog Archive

Walt Disney Pictures: TRON: Legacy - Comic-Con 2010 Liveblog Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[11:21] Eric Eckstein: "Welcome to Comic-Con 2010! The TRON: Legacy panel is coming up, stand by!"

[11:25] Eric Eckstein: "The MCP seems to be taking over Comic-Con and killing all internet, so we have our writer, Dana Vinson, texting us from the panel!"

[11:25] Eric Eckstein: "Patton Oswalt is hosting the TRON: Legacy panel."

[11:25] Eric Eckstein: "He's talking about the history and cultural impact of TRON."

[11:25] [Comment From Eric Mitchell: ] "So no footage for this panel?"

[11:26] Eric Eckstein: "Not yet, but hopefully we'll have some for you later."

[11:27] Eric Eckstein: "Right now, more on the pop culture influence of TRON. Including TRON on ice."

[11:28] Dana Vinson: "Hi everyone! I think the internet is back up!"

[11:28] Eric Eckstein: "Awesome. I wish I could be watching this myself. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilJMC09imKM)"

[11:28] Eric Eckstein: "Great, take it over, Dana. Thanks everyone for your patience!"

[11:28] Dana Vinson: "I'm here live at the TRON: Legacy panel. Patton is introducing the director and cast to the stage."

[11:29] Dana Vinson: "BRRRRUUUUUUUCCCCEEEEEE comes out on stage. The place goes nuts."

[11:29] Dana Vinson: "But now, Jeff Bridges is here and the place goes extra nuts."

[11:31] Dana Vinson: "Director Joe Kosinski talks about how this movie is true 3D and how in the original, every suit had to be hand traced."

[11:33] Dana Vinson: "Patton just, sarcastically, called Avatar a "cheap piece of crap" when telling the audience that TRON: Legacy uses the NEXT generation of 3D film technology."

[11:36] Dana Vinson: "Jeff Bridges is being asked about the 27 year gap between his original character and this remake. Says it's great to get the opportunity to revisit the role and play himself at different ages."

[11:38] Dana Vinson: "Olivia Wilde is talking about playing Quorra. Says her character is a "fearless warrior" and she's always wanted to play a fearless warrior."

[11:38] Dana Vinson: "Both Olivia and Garrett are talking about the training they had to go through for the movie and ALSO the skin tight costumes they wear."

[11:39] Dana Vinson: "So, in summary, Olivia = tight costume. Something to think about just for a second."

[11:41] Dana Vinson: "I'm seeing in some of the comments people are wondering why there's no audio or video...Comic-Con doesn't let you film or record a lot of the panels, so we're doing these written blogs to bring you the news."

[11:42] Dana Vinson: "Patton is now talking to Bruce Boxleitner. Bruce said he "threw away his walker" when he got the phone call about the Tron remake."

[11:43] Dana Vinson: "Jeff Bridges adds that there was no Internet back when they made the original movie and that one of the greatest things about being in Tron is getting to play around with all the technology they use to make the movie."

[11:46] Dana Vinson: "All of the panelists seem to be in awe of the technology used to make the movie. Now, Steven Lisberger, the creator of Tron, is talking to Patton about how no matter how great the technology gets, it is still limiting to the power of the creative mind."

[11:47] Dana Vinson: "They're getting ready to show 8 minutes of the movie. This is really lame, but they're going to make me shut my laptop. The Comic-Con police will come around. I will report back as soon as it's over."

[11:55] Dana Vinson: "ok! back!"

[11:55] Dana Vinson: "The only comment here is "wow.""

[11:55] Dana Vinson: "Everyone in the room is pretty silent after seeing the 35 year old version of Jeff Bridges; they're just blown away."

[11:57] Dana Vinson: "Now they're telling us that there are technicians from Skywalker sound are in the audience. If we follow the instructions that they put on the screen, they're going to put these sounds in the movie."

[11:58] Dana Vinson: "It's nice that the producers of this film recognize the rabid fan base that they have at Comic-Con."

[11:58] Dana Vinson: "We all just shouted "DISK WARS!""

[11:59] Dana Vinson: "Now they're making us all stand up and stomp. I am going to refrain from standing so that I can still type. I'm not that talented."

[12:00] Dana Vinson: "They're doing synchronized stomps. We also have to shout "Derez!""

[12:01] Dana Vinson: "Then, the last screen was a picture of Tron Guy."

[12:03] Dana Vinson: "The 8 minutes of footage they showed was of Flynn getting dressed and ready for the games. Big set piece, sweeping skyscapes."

[12:04] Dana Vinson: "He was then ushered into the arena and they cut together some clips of the Light Bike and other Games."

[12:05] Dana Vinson: "Lightcycle, sorry. I was thinking of Excitebike and Light Bright. Don't ask me why."

[12:06] Dana Vinson: "Now they're chatting about Daft Punk's involvement with the music for the movie. The director met them for pancakes to talk about doing the music and they agreed. Pancakes brings the world together."

[12:07] Dana Vinson: "Jeff Bridges is talking about how TRON addresses the dark side of technology and how it happens so fast that we don't have time to address the ethics around new technology."

[12:09] Dana Vinson: "Bruce is talking about acting in the first TRON movie and how they had to see storyboards because when they went to shoot the scenes, they were acting in empty rooms in front of black screens."

[12:10] Dana Vinson: "Jeff Bridges said it was almost impossible to get people to work because they surrounded the set with videogames that were free to play. Jeff said his favorite was Battle Zone and they had to pry him away from it to shoot."

[12:12] Dana Vinson: "In terms of the footage they showed, the 3D looked great and you can tell they designed shots to give viewers a measurement of depth and scope. No major plot points, except for the reveal at the end of the 35 year old version of Jeff Bridges, which looked really really cool and realistic."

[12:13] Dana Vinson: "Olivia Wilde said that being in a movie about videogames has given her an appreciation for guys who like videogames and she loves being at Comic-Con. She's super cute, so we'll overlook the obvious pandering."

[12:16] Dana Vinson: "These reactions are coming out of fan questions. A girl just asked how the movie got the title TRON: Legacy. Sean Bailey says it's an homage to the Father/Son storyline. Also, Bailey said you should probably be looking for a fancy re-release of the first movie."

[12:17] Dana Vinson: "Now, Joe is going to show us the new trailer. It's just been unlocked online, but we get to see it in 3D"

[12:20] Dana Vinson: "The panel is over, unfortunately. Anyone else have any final questions?"

[12:21] Dana Vinson: "Oh the panel is not over!"

[12:22] Dana Vinson: "Total fakeout! Patton stayed on the stage and introduced a video of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean!"

[12:24] Dana Vinson: "Johnny Depp is pretty awesome and everyone in the room appreciates this little trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides due out May 20th, 2011."

[12:24] Dana Vinson: "Now, Disney is rebooting The Haunted Mansion and showing us a teaser trailer."

[12:26] Dana Vinson: "Everyone who stuck around is being rewarded with a visit from Guillermo Del Toro who is directing the reboot of the Haunted Mansion franchise!"

[12:28] Dana Vinson: "The Haunted Mansion will be live action 3D."

[12:30] Dana Vinson: "NO! They are not returning Eddie Murphy's phone calls!"

[12:31] Dana Vinson: "That's a direct quote from Del Toro!"

[12:31] Dana Vinson: "Alright, that's it from the TRON/Disney pannel! Thanks so much for tuning in!"


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