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Universal: Paul And Cowboys & Aliens Comic-Con 2010 Panel

This panel covers a couple of huge Universal flicks: Paul, a sci-fi comedy-adventure, and Cowboys and Aliens. Paul's director Greg Mottola (Superbad) will be joined by cast members Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz), Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead), Kristen Wiig and mo

Universal: Paul and Cowboys & Aliens - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Universal: Paul and Cowboys & Aliens - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 24, 2010

[5:13] Stephen Johnson: "Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay, but there's been an issue of some kind in Hall H where the panel is being held, so it's been pushed back, perhaps by an hour or so. We'll keep you posted as we find out more. Thanks!"

[5:35] Dana Vinson: "Hey Guys, we're here live from the Paul panel!"

[5:38] Dana Vinson: "Paul is brought to you by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the guys behind Shawn of the Dead."

[5:41] Dana Vinson: "So, sorry for being a little behind. It's been a crazy day in Hall H to say the least."

[5:42] Dana Vinson: "Right now, the moderator of the panel--G4's own Chris Hardwick--is talking to Seth Rogen, who plays an alien in the movie."

[5:42] Dana Vinson: ""The alien does disgusting horrible things which I find hilarious!" Seth Rogen"

[5:43] Dana Vinson: "They're going to show us a sizzle reel of clips from the film!"

[5:44] Dana Vinson: "The first show is Simon and Nick outside of Comic-Con last year!!!"

[5:44] Dana Vinson: "The place goes nuts."

[5:47] Dana Vinson: "Jason Bateman plays the bad guy who chases Nick Frost and Simon Pegg around trying to get Paul back for the government."

[5:47] Dana Vinson: "Here we go for Q&A from the audience..."

[5:51] Dana Vinson: "Turns out they did exterior shots at Comic-Con last year, but had to rebuild Comic-Con in New Mexico because the San Diego Fire Marshal said, "No Way!" when they asked to shoot inside."

[5:52] Dana Vinson: "People here love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost here. They're like the king and king of Comic-Con."

[5:55] Dana Vinson: "The Trailer for Paul looks really great. Very funny stuff from Pegg and Frost. Same kind of comedy we saw in the other movies, only the nerd quotient is significantly higher."

[5:56] Dana Vinson: "Nick Frost said "This is our love letter to you." Referring to the crowd here at Comic-Con."

[5:57] Dana Vinson: "They've been mocapping Seth Rogen's face to animate the alien."

[5:59] Dana Vinson: "Q: Hot Fuzz cops vs. SuperBad cops. Who would win?"

[5:59] Dana Vinson: "A: Hot Fuzz cops! Bill Hader said, "We'd be too drunk to find out guns.""

[6:02] Dana Vinson: "Paul comes out in 2011!"

[6:08] Dana Vinson: "Alright! Now, we're moving on to Cowboys & Aliens!"

[6:09] Dana Vinson: "Jon Favreau is introducing the cast and out come Harrison Ford in handcuffs!!"

[6:09] Dana Vinson: "The handcuffs are probably an homage to what happened in Hall H just a short time before that delayed this panel."

[6:12] Dana Vinson: "So, the panel, which is Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Jon Favreau, Olivia Wilde..."

[6:13] Dana Vinson: "Favreau "Make a straight western, by the book and mix it with sci-fi""

[6:13] Dana Vinson: "They're going to show us some cut footage. They've only been shooting for 4 weeks."

[6:13] Dana Vinson: "Also, Favreau announced at the beginning of the panel that the movie would be in 2D."

[6:13] Dana Vinson: "No 3D for Cowboys and Aliens."

[6:14] Dana Vinson: "The setting for this movie looks like a town pulled out of Red Dead Redemption. It's awesome."

[6:16] Dana Vinson: "Favreau said he decided against 3D because he wanted to shoot on film, to get the look and feel of a western, but didn't want to have to convert it to 3D after the fact."

[6:17] Dana Vinson: "Right now in the footage, creepy Paul Dano is spitting on a sleeping Daniel Craig. Craig just knocked Dano out."

[6:19] Dana Vinson: "The movie looks amazing on film!! I'm so happy now after seeing some early footage that Favreau decided against 3D!"

[6:19] Dana Vinson: "The first time Harrison Ford appears on screen, the entire hall goes wild!"

[6:20] Dana Vinson: "All the cowboys are standing in the middle of town when a strange light appears in the sky."

[6:21] Dana Vinson: "They stand, memorized as it flies above them. Suddenly, the ships attack, demolishing the town with laser beams."

[6:22] Dana Vinson: "Daniel Craig shoots down one of the alien ships and it lands in the middle of town."

[6:24] Dana Vinson: "And that ends the clip of Cowboys and Aliens. That's the first time any of the cast had seen the footage."

[6:24] Dana Vinson: "July 29th, 2011 For Cowboys and Aliens"

[6:24] Dana Vinson: "That ends the Paul, Cowboys & Aliens panel!"

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