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Twisted Metal Returns! Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Car combat returns to the PlayStation 3! Meet David Jaffe (God of War) and Scott Campbell (Downhill Domination) as they introduce the characters of the new game, share some early looks at the game's ending, and show concept art for Twisted Metals that nev

Twisted Metal Returns! - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Twisted Metal Returns! - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Stephen Johnson - Posted Jul 23, 2010

[1:04] Eric Eckstein: "Panel is starting, with the footage thy showed of Twisted Metal at E3... technical problems are preventing the video, however."

[1:04] Eric Eckstein: "Instead we're playing "Twisted Trivia""

[1:05] Eric Eckstein: "The prizes are "Reject' action figures."

[1:07] Eric Eckstein: "FYI: Technical problems (and Comic-Con) are affecting our ability to access the internet. We'll do our best!"

[1:08] Stephen Johnson: "We're looking at Sweet Tooth's machete... a huge, evil looking prop."

[1:11] Stephen Johnson: "Leading the panel is Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe, and Jaffe is talking about some ideas that didn't get made, as well as showing off more cool props that they "wanted to give away" but couldn't for various reasons. We're looking at a real-life version of Sweet Tooth's first mask, and Doll Face's first mask as well."

[1:12] Stephen Johnson: "There will be no 3D or Move controls in this game! The crowd cheers at the lack of 3D or Move... interesting, no? Jaffe promises we'll talk more about that response later."

[1:13] Stephen Johnson: "Technical problems having been ironed out, we're seeing a behind the scenes, Making-of video."

[1:14] Stephen Johnson: "Amazing look at live-action Doll Face in the mo-cap lab."

[1:15] Stephen Johnson: "Human version of Sweettooth! Amazing."

[1:15] Stephen Johnson: "The video aspects of Twisted Metal will delve into Sweettooth's backstory. We'll find out where the mask came from, and why he began killing."

[1:16] Stephen Johnson: "We'll also learn more about Preacher."

[1:19] Stephen Johnson: "Oh, wait, that wasn't Dollface earlier. Instead of seeing how she'll look in the video sections of Twisted Metal, we get a title card reading "Dollface TBD." Although we do get a look at this character before she puts her mask on."

[1:20] Stephen Johnson: "Grim's origin is explained. He's a stunt rider with a tragic past who's trying to earn his dead father's approval."

[1:21] Stephen Johnson: "These digitally enhanced live-action movies are going to be SICK, I promise."

[1:24] Stephen Johnson: "We're going to look at a never-before-seen level from Twisted Metal. The level is "rooftops"... Jaffe says, "I think G4 is live-blogging this. If they weren't I'd show you more stuff." Aww... thanks for the shout-out!"

[1:24] Stephen Johnson: "We're looking at the Rooftop level. That aims to take the best parts of the rooftop levels from the past games."

[1:25] Stephen Johnson: "The level is built around a central hub, with jumps connecting the roofs."

[1:30] Stephen Johnson: "Jaffe asks the crowd a question about Nuke: "Should the central area in the level have a pressure plate that causes that makes the missile rise, so you need to own the pressure plate before you can set off the nuke. Is that too complicated?""

[1:30] Stephen Johnson: "The crowd pretty much unanimously says, "No. That would be cool.""

[1:32] Stephen Johnson: "We're looking at another never-seen level. This one is in the early stages of being built. (I love panels where you get actual looks behind games instead of PR-planned announcement.)"

[1:33] Stephen Johnson: "It's a huge level. A desert environment with lonely highway. The art director says showing an unfinished level is a nightmare... but it looks fantastic to me, even in this early stage."

[1:34] Stephen Johnson: "Jaffe mentions vehicles he can't talk about that will "Aid in transportation" This will encourage teamwork in multiplayer."

[1:36] Stephen Johnson: "And now we're going to the Q and A."

[1:36] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Will there be DLC characters?"

[1:37] Stephen Johnson: "A: We're interested in DLC but can't say what it will be. Jaffe says that he will ensure that the DLC will be respectful of the people who purchased the game."

[1:38] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Will we see any other characters coming back?"

[1:39] Stephen Johnson: "A: "GodDangit! I cant' say. But it will be cool.""

[1:40] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Are special moves locked to a character or vehicle?"

[1:41] Stephen Johnson: "A: We're looking at that."

[1:42] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Will there be online split-screen? A: Yes. There will."

[2:17] Stephen Johnson: "We ran into some wicked technical problems by the end of this panel -- Comic Con wi-fi is notoriously difficult to keep stable -- so I apologize for anything you might have missed. The panel ended with a look at some Twisted Metal concepts that didn't come to fuition for various reasons, including Twisted Metal: Apocalypse..."

[2:18] Stephen Johnson: "That would have been a TM game set post end-of-the-world."

[2:19] Stephen Johnson: "And even a Twisted Metal game set within a hip hop milieu. The concept art of an "urban" Sweettooth was particulary striking. I think it's a fantastic idea, actually..."

[2:21] Stephen Johnson: "We return to some Questions from the audience, and someone asks a good one: Will there be multiplayer modes in the game for people who just want to play with strangers in a more casual way?"

[2:23] Stephen Johnson: "Jaffe says that "traditional" modes like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch will be represented in the game, and will make more casual team play possible, but Jaffe points out that to him, a "team" game inolves getting on your mic and really working together and playing as a team."

[2:24] Stephen Johnson: "And with that, the panel ended, and we will all go back to waiting for the new Twisted Metal to come out. Thanks for reading, all. Talk to you again soon."

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