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Summit Entertainment: Red Comic-Con 2010 Panel

RED is a spy movie starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren as CIA operatives. Join writer Warren Ellis, director Robert Schwentke, and the film's stars at this not-to-be missed panel.

Summit Entertainment: RED - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Summit Entertainment: RED - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[2:17] Dana Vinson: "Hey everyone! We're inside Hall H at Comic-Con 2010 for the RED panel!"

[2:17] Dana Vinson: "They're running a few minutes behind, but as soon as they get started, we'll be bringing you all the news from the panel."

[2:22] Dana Vinson: "A little background on RED while we're waiting. RED is from Summit entertainment (Twilight) and it's based on the D.C. Comics graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer. Bruce Willis stars."

[2:24] Eric Eckstein: "If you prefer to see things in motion, here's the trailer."

[2:25] Dana Vinson: "Sorry about the delay everyone. Not sure what the hold up, but they're still trying to fill Hall H."

[2:29] Dana Vinson: "Alright, I think they're getting ready to start!"

[2:30] Dana Vinson: "We're being reminded again that we can't film any footage that's shown. It's such a bummer :("

[2:34] Dana Vinson: "Ok! We're starting for real now!"

[2:35] Dana Vinson: "They're starting the panel with a trailer."

[2:37] Dana Vinson: "The trailer is a great mix of humor and action. It's definitely skewed for an older audience, just because of the nature of the story. It's about retired killers."

[2:38] Dana Vinson: "Here comes Warren Ellis!"

[2:39] Dana Vinson: "They're just taking time to bring out the cast and crew now...Karl Urban, Mary-Louise Parker"

[2:39] Dana Vinson: "Now, here comes Helen Mirren. She's wearing a t-shirt honor Harvey Pekar, the American Splendor author who recently passed away."

[2:40] Dana Vinson: "And now...here comes Bruce Willis to wild applause. This place is going nuts for John McClane."

[2:41] Dana Vinson: "Willis says working with all of these talented actors was like "recess.""

[2:43] Dana Vinson: "Mirren is now talking about what attracted her to the role. She says she wanted to do something different. "The people who go and see a film like this are not the people who will go and see a film about Tolstoy.""

[2:45] Dana Vinson: "Parker says she spends most of the movie being dragged out of a car or dragged out of a burning building."

[2:47] Dana Vinson: "Warren Ellis is drinking a Red Bull, just FYI."

[2:47] Dana Vinson: "Cully Hammer says he was impressed when he visited the set and saw copies of the books everywhere."

[2:47] Dana Vinson: "Ah! They're about to show a brand new trailer!"

[2:50] Dana Vinson: "The trailer explains that this group of people used to be the CIA's top agents, but now they are "Retired Extremely Dangerous." They're shooting and everything is blowing up. This trailer is pretty action packed, but also has the audience cracking up."

[2:51] Dana Vinson: "Bruce Willis sat in Karl Urban's seat, because he's Bruce Willis and he can do stuff like that."

[2:52] Dana Vinson: "But now his name card says Karl Urban."

[2:53] Dana Vinson: "Also, somewhere inside Hall H, a baby is crying. That's not a metaphor. Someone actually brought a baby to Comic-Con."

[2:54] Dana Vinson: "Now Willis and Mirren are talking about John Malkovich. So of course, someone from the audience asked "What do you think it's like to be John Malkovich?""

[2:54] Dana Vinson: "They said, that it's probably pretty great and he's a nice guy and everyone who worked on the film is a huge fan of John."

[2:55] Dana Vinson: "Karl was just asked about what he had to do to prepare for the action sequences in the film. Lots of prep and training went in to trying to learn the skills to do really involved fight scenes."

[2:57] Dana Vinson: "Cully Hammer is talking about how the movie will be different from the graphic novel, he says "It's funnier, it's lighter, I think you guys are going to like it.""

[2:59] Dana Vinson: "I love Bruce Willis, I really really do, but he's talking right now like he's half asleep."

[2:59] Dana Vinson: "Very slow and drawn out...Willis is a thoughtful guy."

[2:59] Dana Vinson: "Or, he's actually asleep. I'll look into it."

[3:02] Dana Vinson: "Parker and Mirren said they thought they'd be fired as soon as the director saw them run. Apparently, they don't fancy themselves elegant runners."

[3:03] Dana Vinson: "Parker said that Alec Baldwin told her to "always look like you have to pee" when shooting an action movie because it'll raise the sense of danger."

[3:04] Dana Vinson: "Willis was excited to work with Richard Dryfuss, the guy from Jaws as Willis put it."

[3:05] Dana Vinson: "Urban said he and Willis bonded by learning to beat the s*&t out of each other."

[3:09] Dana Vinson: "Urban is talking about training for the role and said that trainers actually put him in a choke hold and choked him until he almost passed out to show him what the "endgame" of the big fight was."

[3:11] Dana Vinson: "Mirren says that shooting the movie was a lot of fun and that coming into it she was "shit scared," because it was an unknown genre; however, she was surprised at how at home she felt on the set. "It was nice to have guns instead of words," Mirren said."

[3:12] Dana Vinson: "Bruce Willis just made fun of the way Helen Mirren says "genre." The entire hall erupted with laughter."

[3:13] Dana Vinson: "This is Willis's first time at Comic-Con!"

[3:14] Dana Vinson: "And now to wrap up the panel, they're showing the trailer one more time!"

[3:16] Dana Vinson: "That's it from the Summit Entertainment RED panel! Look for RED in theaters October 2010!"

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