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Lionsgate: The Expendables Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Prepare to have your ass kicked by The Expendables, the biggest action movie this summer! Lionsgate presents exclusive scenes and the inside scoop on every punch, kick, and bloodied lip from the most iconic cast of heroes and villains ever assembled.

Lionsgate: The Expendables - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Lionsgate: The Expendables - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Kevin Kelly - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[4:42] Eric Eckstein: "The panel will be starting shortly, please stand by!"

[4:43] kkelly: "I'm sitting here in Comic-Con's Hall H, waiting on what is probably the most massive amount of testosterone ever to hit the stage at once."

[4:46] [Comment From XxPunisherxX: ] "are you covering all the panels"

[4:46] Kevin Kelly: "Apparently, being Expendable means you have to be a massive action star, or a governor of California, or both."

[4:47] Kevin Kelly: "No Punisher, just some. But the whole G4 Team is hitting ALL of the massive Comic-Con events and news, so stay tuned throughout."

[4:49] Kevin Kelly: "Punisher, a lot of elbow grease and monkey guts."

[4:50] Kevin Kelly: "Soon, the stage might collapse under the weight of Sylvester Stallone (Rambo), Dolph Lundgren (Universal Soldier), Steve Austin (The Condemned), Randy Couture (Scorpion King: Rise of the Warrior), and Terry Crews (Gamer)"

[4:50] Kevin Kelly: "We're waiting on everyone to enter right now. I imagine they're outside doing pushups and situps and other manly things."

[4:54] Kevin Kelly: "Here we go, folks! Lights are down, extended trailer is showing!"

[4:55] Kevin Kelly: "They want you to join the fight on Facebook, so you too can be expendable."

[4:55] Kevin Kelly: "Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News is introducing the panel, and he's talking about himself! Shocking! He's taking over as editor of FamousMonsters.com."

[4:56] Kevin Kelly: ""Aren't you hungry for a movie that makes you want to hit the gym?""

[4:56] Kevin Kelly: ""This is an old school, badass movie. It's about men sweating, men getting hurt making the movie ... this is the sort of thing that made us love all of the people in this movie.""

[4:57] Kevin Kelly: "Here they come....."

[4:57] Kevin Kelly: "First up. Terry Crews takes the stage."

[4:58] Kevin Kelly: "He's very pumped, jumping up and down. And ... holy crapped he's ripped his shirt off and is doing his manboob flexing trick."

[4:58] Kevin Kelly: "Next up: Steve "Stone Cold" Austin. No shirt ripping."

[4:58] Kevin Kelly: "Next, Ivan Drago himself, Dolph Lundgren."

[4:59] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes Randy Couture, with his massive guns."

[5:00] Kevin Kelly: "And here comes Rocky, Rambo, Demolition Man, etc.... Sylvester Stallone."

[5:00] Kevin Kelly: "The crowd is chanting "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky""

[5:00] Kevin Kelly: "Oddly enough, Sly is the only one sporting a tie. "I thought of becoming a lawyer in case this movie doesn't work.""

[5:01] Kevin Kelly: "When asking how they reacted when they got the call to be in this movie, Terry Crews says "He had me at hello." Now he's doing a very passable Rocky/Stallone imitation."

[5:01] Kevin Kelly: "Crews just called it "The manliest movies ever made.""

[5:01] Kevin Kelly: "Er, movie."

[5:02] Kevin Kelly: "Stone Cold says 'I'm the only villain at this table, and I've always loved being the villain. I had a lot of fun making the movie with these guys and kicking the crap out of 'em.""

[5:02] Kevin Kelly: "Whoa.... surprise guest..."

[5:02] Kevin Kelly: "Bruce Willis takes the stage!"

[5:02] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "There will never be another Bruce Willis.""

[5:03] Kevin Kelly: "Harry Knowles: "Before we continue, how f*cking awesome is this?""

[5:03] Kevin Kelly: "Bruce: "Nice to see y'all again, and I wanted to thank Sly in public for having me in this film.""

[5:04] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "I wrote a scene for myself and the governor, where he's parking his Hummer and I'm parking my pickup truck, and I was trying to figure it out, and  Willis came up to me and said 'Hey stupid, why don'y you put both of US in a scene?' So that's how that happened.""

[5:05] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "If Arnold shows up, don't let him in.""

[5:05] Kevin Kelly: "Dolph: "We beat the crap out of each other 25 years ago, and he gave me a great script and a great role in this, so I was in.""

[5:06] Kevin Kelly: "Dolph: "Rocky IV maybe hurt a little bit more than this movie.""

[5:06] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "Are you kidding me? I wouldn't want to do it again. Dolph put me in the hospital for four days back then.""

[5:07] Kevin Kelly: "Couture: "My agent called me up and explained how Sly wanted me in this movie, and Rambo was filmed in my home state of Washington, and I was very excited to be a part of it.""

[5:08] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: On what was the hardest thing, "When you have body slamming into body, or in one case the prop man forgot to replace the bricks with rubber bricks, that can really hurt. But these guys all did it. There is nothing they won't do. There's just a constant bombardment. They suck it up and do it, and they look like they're fresh. You don't realize that fight took four weeks of pounding back and forth.""

[5:09] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "Jason (Statham) was willing to come out of a trap door on an old airship that we found, and he was like 'When do we start?'" (said with a very bad English accent)"

[5:10] Kevin Kelly: "On injuries on the set, Stallone said: "Well, he broke my neck (Stone Cold). They put hardware in my neck, so when people tell me to go get screwed, I say 'I already did!'""

[5:10] Kevin Kelly: "Stone Cold: "Look, when the writer, director, and lead actor tell you to kick the sh*t out of it, you do it!""

[5:10] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "I love this guy!""

[5:12] Kevin Kelly: "Why didn't you use CGI or 3D? Stallone: "I thought about it, but the restrictions that you have to put on filming when you do that just felt like it would have been desperation to me. So we decided to do it in a classical, old-school way.""

[5:12] Kevin Kelly: "Terry: "Being onscreen with a legend, he was like a mentor to everybody. It was like going through four years of film school. He created what action movies are today, and this movie is like a love letter to every action movie fan.""

[5:13] Kevin Kelly: "Harry Knowles tells Terry: "I wish your arms were my legs." Yikes.. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable."

[5:14] Kevin Kelly: "Okay, they're about to show the "Tunnel Fight Clip""

[5:16] Kevin Kelly: "Whoa. AWESOME scene. Tons of fighting, knife takedowns, broken bones, bullet to ankle shots, brutal punches (including Stone Cold Superman-punching into Stallone) and then Terry Crews comes in with a massive gun and takes down all the baddies. He turns to Stallone and says "What happened to you?" Stallone: "I got my ass kicked!""

[5:17] Poll: Who is the most badass Expendable?

Sylvester Stallone: (34%)

Jason Statham: (18%)

Jet Li: (16%)

Dolph Lundgren: (5%)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: (20%)

Terry Crews: (7%)

[5:18] Kevin Kelly: "Or Randy Couture, I only had six slots."

[5:19] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "One of the more humorous moments was Randy laughing every time he broke someone in half." The stuntmen were afraid of him."

[5:21] Kevin Kelly: "On shooting in Brazil: "On one shot, we had 70 bodyguard to keep people back. On the way to set you'd see carjackings, robberies, it was a rough place. Half of our bodyguards moonlight as very tough cops. It was hardcore. Brazil is a really fascinating place. It's a country of true extremes."

[5:21] Kevin Kelly: "It's Q&A time!"

[5:23] Kevin Kelly: "Was there an ivan Drago / Rocky Balboa rematch? Dolph: "Well, there's a scene where my boss, Stallone, wants to fire me off the team, and my character doesn't like it, and one thing leads to another, and ... well you'll have to see it.""

[5:23] Kevin Kelly: "Were there any armwrestling matches on set? (You need to see Over The Top to get this)"

[5:24] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "You know what? I hate that sport. Because I'm so bad at it!""

[5:24] Kevin Kelly: "Everyone is telling Randy that they hope he grounds and pounds in his upcoming match."

[5:25] Kevin Kelly: "By the way, it looks like Bruce Willis just stopped by. He's no longer on stage."

[5:25] Kevin Kelly: "One Q&A guy gets up and says "All of you guys onstage are responsible for my upbringing. Even more than my parents.""

[5:25] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "Good work, son!""

[5:26] Kevin Kelly: "On who else he would have liked in the movie, Stallone said "Well, I talked to Van Damme, I talked to Segal, I talked to Chuck Norris. But you know, extenuating circumstances, and insanity, kept them from happening."

[5:27] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "We were using full loads, and things that are illegal in this country, and the muzzle blast alone from like Terry's gun is 20 feet. It could totally kill you.""

[5:29] Kevin Kelly: "On acting vs. directing, Stallone: "Oh, I love acting, but there's so much going on with directing ... and it has to do with me being a control whore. Maybe it's genetic. I really do love directing more than acting. I've probably done as much as I can do in acting, and I leave it up to the new blood to bring it.""

[5:29] Kevin Kelly: "Wow, a girl asking Dolph a question has made her own black t-shirt with DOLPH on the front in big, shiny letters."

[5:31] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "If I had known it was going to be this hard, I probably would have backed out!""

[5:31] Kevin Kelly: ""If I had thought about it, I probably would have frozen up. It just sort of happened.""

[5:34] Kevin Kelly: "On his influences, "I was inspired by mythic action heroes. Plus I was sort of geekish. I used to wear a Superman costume under my clothes to school.""

[5:35] Kevin Kelly: "Harry Knowles: "Do you have photos of yourself in that outfit?""

[5:35] Kevin Kelly: "Stallone: "No, but I do have pictures of me in a Smokey the Bear costume." Oooooookay, what?"

[5:36] Kevin Kelly: "Apparently they had to cart off several stuntmen that were hurt by Randy Couture during filming. "It's true!" spouts Stallone."

[5:36] Kevin Kelly: "Someone from the Guiness Book of World Records has arrived onstage to present something ...."

[5:36] Kevin Kelly: "The Editor in Chief."

[5:37] Kevin Kelly: "An award for Rocky being the most successful sports franchise in the history of movies. Dolph gets one too."

[5:38] Poll: Are you planning on seeing The Expendables?

Yes: (89%)

No: (11%)

[5:45] Eric Eckstein: "On the enduring legacy of Rocky, Stallone "To be honest, I had no idea it would last this long. With Rocky V, I blew it, guys. Then later, to try and make a sequel to a failed movie 18 years later, playing a 60 year old fighter, I never thought it would work. But here I am!""

[5:46] Eric Eckstein: "On hardest scenes, Couture: "Well, for me it was the dialogue. I spent a long time memorizing this big scene I had, and it turned out to be my first scene on my first day of shooting. Then I show up and Stallone has rewritten the whole thing. I was freaking out in my trailer!""

[5:48] Eric Eckstein: "Stallone: "We had to shoot this big scene with Mickey Rourke, and we only had time for like two takes and he had to get on a plane. So I told him to crush it through the lens. He was like 'Can I listen to Bruce Springsteen one more time?' and I was like, no! You can't! Then he just nailed it out of the park.""

[5:50] Eric Eckstein: "And it's clip time once again. Stallone and Statham are flying a plane over the jungle, and Statham says "Fry and die?" Stallone says "Fry and die! Let's do it!" Statham grabs a handgun, then pops out of a hatch in the nose of the plane. He fires front-mounted machine guns at a pier, takes out a bunch of baddies, then dumps fuel all over them. "What are they doing?" one guy asks. Then Statham fires a flare right into the fuel and KA-BOOM!""

[5:50] Eric Eckstein: "And... we're out! Everyone immediately feels more wimpy as the muscle men leave the stage, and the room."


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