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Dead Rising 2 Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Look behind-the-scenes of the zombie apocalypse! Dead Rising 2 executive producers Keiji Inafune and Shinsaku Ohara answer fans' questions, live demo DR 2's weapon creation system, and reveal exclusive content and development stories.

Dead Rising 2 - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Dead Rising 2 - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Stephen Johnson - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[11:56] Eric Eckstein: "We're getting ready for the Dead Rising 2 panel to start."

[11:57] Eric Eckstein: "Steve Johnson is on-site for us, but I'll be channeling his words until he can get rolling."

[11:57] Eric Eckstein: "I'm sitting in Capcom's Dead Rising 2 panel, listening to soothing techno music, wathing the peeps file in, and waiting for the show to start. I wish each and every one of you was here with me. In my lap."

[11:58] Eric Eckstein: "The line to get in was madness. Way more people than there are seats, or so it seemed to me. There will be some angry zombie fans in San Diego today."

[11:58] Eric Eckstein: "The take-away: Video game panels need bigger halls."

[12:02] Eric Eckstein: "I'm seeing in some of the comments people are wondering why there's no audio or video...Comic-Con doesn't let you film or record a lot of the panels, so we're doing these written blogs to bring you the news."

[12:04] Eric Eckstein: "The second take-away: Things are running a bit behind schedule. Still in holding pattern, waiting for the panel to start."

[12:08] Eric Eckstein: "The show is beginning. Dead Rising fans are filling the hall with shouts..."

[12:08] Eric Eckstein: "Keiji Inafune is on hand, The Capcom Exec producer, as is Shinsaku Ohara, producer of Resident Evil 4, and Devil May Cry."

[12:09] Eric Eckstein: "They're running a new trailer now...."

[12:09] Eric Eckstein: "It's in the form of a tourism video for Fortune City."

[12:11] Eric Eckstein: "Lots of new weapons shown off: Boxing gloves, a lawn umbrella, and a wicked looking wrist blade, as well as tons of new costumes, like full on disco suits and leather gimp-wear. They're really playing up the "Fun in Vegas" angle with this trailer."

[12:11] Eric Eckstein: "Inafune says the original Dead Rising took Capcom by surprise a bit with its strong sales."

[12:12] Eric Eckstein: "Inafune says the game takes place five years after Dead Rising."

[12:15] Eric Eckstein: "Case Zero will cost 400 Microsoft Points and be available on 8.31."

[12:15] Eric Eckstein: "Capcom's idea with Case Zero is to give context to Dead Rising 2, explore some of the backstory, so you have context when you start playing Dead Rising 2."

[12:17] Eric Eckstein: "Case Zero is an Xbox exclusive. Sorry, everyone else."

[12:19] Eric Eckstein: "If you want to see the Dead Rising 2: Case Zero trailer, you can watch it here: http://www.g4tv.com/videos/46616/E3-2010-Dead-Rising-2-Case-Zero-E3-Trailer/"

[12:19] Eric Eckstein: "Big round of applause. Inafune says he went against Capcom's wishes in deciding on the cheap 400 MSP price."

[12:19] Eric Eckstein: "Case Zero experience points and costumes will carry over into Dead Rising 2."

[12:21] Eric Eckstein: "We're getting back to Dead Rising 2 info, now."

[12:22] Eric Eckstein: "Here's the story: Hero Chuck Greene is trying to save his daughter. She's being zombified, and he need Zombrex for her, and that costs money, so he enters a game show where winners are best at killing zombies."

[12:23] Eric Eckstein: "Chuck must buy Zombrex for his daughter every day."

[12:23] Eric Eckstein: "Kids."

[12:23] Eric Eckstein: "After an outbreak in the arena of the game show, Greene takes off and escapes to a safe house."

[12:25] Poll: Which would you prefer...

To be a zombie: (10%)

To be zombified and have to take Zombrex every day: (5%)

To be constantly living in fear as a human: (85%)

[12:26] Eric Eckstein: "Now we're talking new features....including multiplayer, Co-op story mode, and "Terror is Reality" challenges."

[12:26] Eric Eckstein: "You will be able to play the story mode cooperatively, as well as enjoy competitive multiplayer modes."

[12:27] Eric Eckstein: "You'll be able to participate in Dead Rising's game show, Terror is Reality. There are around 10 types of mini-game style, multiplayer challenges in Terror is Reality, with full leaderboards for each."

[12:29] Stephen Johnson: "Hi, everybody. Our little technical SNAFUs have cleared up and I'll be doing my own posting from here on out."

[12:29] Eric Eckstein: "It's about time, freeloader! Thanks for your patience, everyone."

[12:31] Eric Eckstein: "Inafune says the original idea was to do a Disneyland style amusement park! (I wonder if we'll see that in Dead Rising 3."

[12:31] Eric Eckstein: "(yes, Steve lied!)"

[12:31] Eric Eckstein: "Inafune: That was long before Zombieland came out, but if we did that, it would have looked like we were trying to rip off the movie."

[12:36] Eric Eckstein: "We're getting some details on the Zombrex edition of the game. It comes with a lot of Zombrex material: A syringe pen, prescription notepad, a sales brochure... as well as the Zombrex film."

[12:37] Eric Eckstein: "We're getting a sneak peek at Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, a film that Inafune directed"

[12:37] Eric Eckstein: "It's a "first person action film," all filmed from a survivor's point-of-view."

[12:38] Eric Eckstein: "Impressive. The crowd loves it. According to Inafune, it's influenced by low budget 80s movies. He's a big fan."

[12:39] Eric Eckstein: "There's plenty of humor and "nods to 80s filmmaking" it even includes a kid in a wheelchair that's covered with weapons."

[12:40] Eric Eckstein: "The wheelchair kid is the main character. He finds "inner strength to fight against zombies.""

[12:41] Eric Eckstein: "The female main character is already infected, and is trying to locate Zombrex and save herself."

[12:41] Eric Eckstein: "The movie is set in Japan, showing that in Dead Rising, the outbreak is worldwide."

[12:44] Eric Eckstein: "Fun fact of the day, from Inafune: Japanese actors need direction on how to act like zombies. American extras do not."

[12:46] Eric Eckstein: "Now it's question time: Will Frank West be making a return?"

[12:46] Eric Eckstein: "Frank West is "taking a little break from Dead Rising" and won't be in the new game."

[12:47] Eric Eckstein: "And thus ends the Dead Rising 2 panel. Talk to you all again soon! BRAAAAAINS!"

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