Resistance 3 Panel

Resistance 3 Panel

Resistance 3 Panel

By - Posted Jul 13, 2011

Comic-Con 2011

With the release of Resistance 3 rapidly rocketing towards becoming a reality, Insomniac showed some interesting stuff at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, including the announcement of Resistance Global, a new PC-based strategy game.

A reflection on Resistance's post-apocalyptic 1950's setting and Resistance 3, the panel featured key members of the Insomniac team including Marcus Smith, Kevin Grow, and Grant Hollis. Some of the notable voice actors also were also on the dais including Robin Atkin Downes who plays Joseph Capelli and Crispin Freeman who plays Charlie Tent.

Colin Moriarty from IGN and Podcast Beyond moderated the panel, which got off to a casual start. After lively introductions, they showed a little bit of Resistance 3 gameplay. People start to applaud wildly when the weapon wheel appears on the screen. Huzzah!

The panel says that they want Resistance 3 to be sort of a greatest hits of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2.

"We took a lot of time to rehearse. A lot of times, these sessions are done very last minute," said Downes.

They touched on trophies, and mentioned the 10,000 kills trophy from Resistance 2. No grind trophies in R3, Smith assures us.

Next, we're shown a video about some of the motion capture done for the game. Today I learned that MoCap studios are the coolest things ever. Surrounded by 100 cameras, the R3 team was able to cap body, facial, and vocal performances all in one session.

Normally, these are all recorded separately, and not only that, the actors are hardly ever in the same room while recording the lines. "It's like trying to record a symphony orchestra one instrument at a time," said Freeman. Recording them all at the same time, allows for a much more robust performance. Also, because the actors were actually interacting with each other, it also offers the chance to subtly and interaction.

Resistance 3


The panel really feels that this new MoCap technology brings a new depth of a storytelling to the Resistance series.

Now, they hit the lights one more time. A trailer starts for Global Resistance, a new multiplayer game for the PC. You can earn exclusive cross game rewards, like multiplayer skins by playing Global Resistance.

"It's a massive strategy game. As you an see, there's base building. You're choosing your side, and you're working to get the resources to take over the world," Smith explained. He continued, "You can link it to your Facebook account in order to login and post updates to your wall."

Moriarty asks if Resistance Global is a sign that the franchise will live long past Resistance 3 and the mysterious Vita game. Everyone on the panel agreed that they'd like to think yes, it means more Resistance games for consoles. After seeing everything today, the fans seemed pretty pleased with that prediction.

Resistance 3 comes out exclusively for the PlayStation 3 September 6.

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