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Calling All Villains

Join the G4 City of Villains Super Group and play with the G4 staff. You may even see your character on an upcoming episode of Cinematech.

11/04/2005 Cinematech
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Exclusive Trailer

Catch the Tokyo Game Show 2005 trailer of the game not available anywhere else.

09/20/2005 Cinematech
GameSpot and G4 Present Cinematech

No, you're not dreaming. GameSpot and G4 are teaming up to bring you four very special episodes of Cinematech.

08/18/2005 Cinematech
Cinematech Wants Your MOVIES!!!

Cinematech wants to see your machinima movies. So send 'em in!

07/11/2005 Cinematech
Enemy Mine: Todd Hollenshead Speaks

Todd Hollenshead Talks Enemy Territory: Quake Wars & Doom Movie

06/14/2005 Cinematech
E3 Viewer’s Choice

Choose your favorite game from our E3 coverage.

06/01/2005 Cinematech
Classic Movies We'd Like To See Turned Into Video Games

Hey Hollywood! Listen up! We want you to make games out of THESE movies.

05/26/2005 Cinematech
The Suckadelic World of a Star Wars Breakbeat Supergenius

Exclusive Interview with Star Wars Beatmaster Supergenius

05/12/2005 Cinematech
E3 Health & Safety Tips For Hardcore Gamers

How to survive three days of E3 madness.

05/05/2005 Cinematech
Episode III: The Lego Star Wars Preview

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith preview: Lego style!

05/05/2005 Cinematech
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