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Beginning Monday March 26th

03/20/2007 Cheat!
WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 Tips

Learn to put the smack down in Smackdown.

09/04/2006 Cheat!
FIFA ’06 Tips

Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to being the next Ronaldinho

09/04/2006 Cheat!
Titan Quest

Still waiting for Diablo 3? Make yourself comfortable. Or you could get your next quick-click fix with a mythological skin in THQ’s Titan Quest.  It’s a huge game, with endless possibilities –...

08/23/2006 Cheat!
CHEAT! Chrome Hounds

No, ChromeHounds isn't the name of some new indie-rock band all your friends pretend to like.  They're actually gigantic robots that you control in the battlefield of the future, and despite...

08/22/2006 Cheat!
CHEAT! Kingdom Hearts 2

What’s that thing you’re carrying? You call that a Keyblade? That thing couldn’t cut the cheese. Here’s how to score a real Keyblade – the Ultima Keyblade. First up, swipe the recipe from the...

08/22/2006 Cheat!
CHEAT! Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

I dunno… somehow I doubt that this yutz in the orange track suit is an actual ninja. “Believe it! I’m a Ninja! Ninja! Ninja!” Okay, okay, so you’re a ninja?   “Believe it!” Oh, ninja...

08/22/2006 Cheat!
CHEAT! Okami

It’s a tale as old as time ripe with Japanese stories of gods long forgotten… of the gentle water colors of Japanese art… and the Japanese language – which I don’t understand a single world of. If...

08/22/2006 Cheat!
CHEAT! Hitman: Blood Money

It isn't easy earning the top rank in Hitman: Blood Money. And once you do, you'd better keep your mouth shut about it.  As a Silent Assassin, you can never be seen, heard or be traced. This...

08/21/2006 Cheat!
CHEAT! New Super Mario Brothers DS

New Super Mario Brothers packs a ton of secrets and hidden levels into the tiny DS package. And I’m here to help you find them all. Use that mini-mushroom trick I showed you earlier and you’re...

08/21/2006 Cheat!
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