There have been a lot of movies made over the years based on videogames; some good... some not so much. Videogame Movie Deathmatch is here to help determine your favorite "movie based on a game" - remember that you're voting for your favorite which might be entirely different than the best.

Final Round Battle: Complete

It's Chocobos vs. Charmander as Nintendo and Square-Enix enter the final arena. Which one of these two juggernauts will take the prize?

Round Four Battles: Complete

Scorpion, Sub Zero and Liu Kang have to take on the misfits from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Who will receive the fatality??
Milla Jovovich has to stand up to the collective might of the Pokemon, but will she catch them all or will this Afterlife be her last?

Round Three Battles: Complete

Resident Evil goes head-to-head with Advent Children, a movie based on the beloved Square Enix franchise Final Fantasy. It's up to you to decide if mutant zombies or old anime friends will come out victorious.
Both of these films annihilated their competitors in the first two rounds, so this is one of the most exciting match ups in this Deathmatch. Will the badass Agent 47 be able to best the supreme fighting power of Mortal Kombat? Your vote decides.
Space Marines take on sexy zombie slayer Alice in this battle. Who do you like better? Will brawn win out over beauty? Make your voice heard by casting your vote and deciding a winner.
It's a fiery battle of animated classics as Final Fantasy: Spirits Within takes on Pokemon: The First Movie. Will Pokemon be able to catch all of your votes? Or will the perennial anime favorites take the very adorable cake? It's all up to you. No pressure.

Round Two Battles: Complete

Two super hot chicks face off in this match up as archeologist Lara Croft goes up against zombie slayer Alice. Which one will come out on top? Get it?!
The super spooky thriller Silent Hill tries to best the anime favorite Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Will screams or spikey hair win out? You pick!
Will trained fighters armed with brutal fatalities be able to take down a rogue cop with a chip on his shoulder? Vote now!
These fighter pilots may be good enough to save the world, but will they be good enough to beat Agent 47? It's all up to you.
First-person shooting meets third-person action in this battle of the big budget Hollywood flicks. Can Lara Croft's 38DD's conquer Doom's BFG 9000? Only you can decide who wields the superior weapon!
The source material of Dante's Inferno may have a good reputation, but the Italian epic poem doesn't have any zombies, plus, Resident Evil: Afterlife has Milla Jovovich, and she's pretty epic too.
Two animated movies square off in this battle, with the spooky aliens of Dead Space taking on the fantasy characters and meticulous hairstyles of Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.
Little tiny monsters that live in a ball fight against Jake Gyllenhaal's abs in this movie-fight. There's only one, winner, people: The Viewer!

Round One Battles: Complete

It’s broadswords versus boobies as big breasts fight cheesed out sub-literate Tolkien fantasy. Who will win? You, the viewer, of course.
This is hardly a fair fight. Resident Evil’s zombies are no match of DOA’s trained fighters, just as the low-budget non-beloved DOA movie is no match for Hollywood-powered spook-a-thon Resident Evil.
Bob Hoskins once said his sole career regret was starring in this movie, but that doesn’t mean it will go down without a fight. Mario has a lot of fans, and it’s not like Silent Hill is some kind of classic.
The standard bearer for telling tales of androgynous dogooders out to save the galaxy faces off against two dudes with more headbands than hair follicles in a battle of the meh-ntury. Then again, without Scott Wolfe, where would the world of forgettable, odd-faced, “pretty” boys be?
Nothing against Zack Ward, because he does appear in four other movies in this deathmatch, but Highlander’s Christopher Lambert as Raiden?! Do I really need to explain why MK takes this one in a Lambert-slide? Didn’t think so.
It’s hard to say if Max Payne will be the crowning jewel in Mark Wahlberg’s acting crown the way Street Fighter is for Raul Julia, but this showdown might answer that question for us, at least if Jean-Claude Van Damme’s thighs have anything to say about it.
When Agent 47’s starring vehicle battles mysterious-island adventure flick Far Cry, there can be only one winner. We don’t know who it will be, but we can tell you who loses: Anyone with taste!
Sexy Chinese lady Chun Li would kick Freddie Prinze Jr. in his gonads, but if he was in a shiny space ship, he could totally laser her in the butthole, so this one is a toss-up.
Say what you will about the Red Faction movie, at least it doesn’t upset fans of the games, since there aren’t any. Doom, on the other hand, alienated anyone who played the FPS. This one could go either way.
Sure Angelina Jolie brings Lara Croft to live with a certain chestal-regioned flair that few could hope to match, but wouldn’t you much rather watch some animated dude in a trucker hat beat up people while trying to track down a mysterious piece of armor? Thought so.
When it comes to the battle of the beauties slaying beastly creatures, you’re not likely to find a more perfect matchup than this one. Dual-wielding machine guns against dual-armed blades makes this a particularly hard one to call. Demon dogs and/or vampires care to respond?
For as faithful and respectful of the source material as Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic is, it’s hard to bet against good old-fashioned kung-fu action, especially when said kung-fu is being performed by a guy named Jon Foo. It’s just foo perfect. Yeah. You heard me.
It's a toss up as Alone in the Dark is basically the worse movie of all time, while Dead Space: Aftermath features a terrible storyline and bad 2D animation. Be a winner and don't watch either.
At least the scientists in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within are trying to kill the alien race that's threatening the earth instead of trying to go get drugged up at some random island party like the idiot college kids who get eaten in House of the Dead.
Master Chief is a formidable foe. Will the many Pokemon be able to take him down? Or maybe the more important question is: will Master Chief be able to catch them all?
An ancient dagger that can reverse time goes up against a bunch of men and women who can really kick some ass. Who will emerge victorious?

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