The Social Network vs. Facebook

Posted: October 4, 2010
The Social Network vs. Facebook

David Fincher's The Social Network took the weekend box office by storm, but not everyone is happy about it. Tonight on Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira talks to Nicholas Carlson, Deputy Editor for Business Insider, about the film, the truth behind the founding of Facebook and how this could affect the most popular social networking site around. Tell all of your Facebook friends not to miss this!

If you can't get enough of the movie, check out Chris Gore's interviews with the cast, including stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.


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  • vlweb3d

    Facebook gets billions of dollars from our activities, but we don't get a share. That's why I use this social network instead: http://www.peoplestring.com/?f =vlweb3d

    Posted: October 6, 2010 6:16 AM
  • J_Boolihans

    if you get zucker on the show that's even bigger than Cameron.

    Posted: October 5, 2010 1:15 AM
  • lowkevmic

    I really don't see what the backlash is all about. No one except for Mark Zuckerberg's close friends and business associates really even know what he did or didn't do to start facebook. In business it is a unspoken rule that you will have to step on a few people on your way to the top. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure Zukerberg had plenty of time between the post production and release of the film to make sure certain things were taken out if he felt it was slanderous to his character and his business. It seems like everyone but him is making a big stink over this movie. While we're debating over this, he's in Jersey donating hundreds of milions of dollars to the NJ school district and getting praise from Oprah in the process. So it's pretty safe to say that this movie is not going to hurt his empire in the slightest.

    Posted: October 4, 2010 3:19 PM