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Where are you from?

I was born in Louisville, KY, and raised in Memphis, TN. I have no accent. I murdered it somewhere near Albuquerque while heading West.

How'd you get into the business?

I was a contestant on a now-defunct game show when I was at UCLA. I had been doing stand-up in college, so I was a cocky, obnoxious a**clown. Somehow, this caught the attention of the producers, who had me audition for another show they were doing at MTV called "Trashed." Magically, I got the job, but the show was cancelled almost immediately. Fortunately, MTV kept me around to host "Singled Out," a bizarre human experiment where masses of subjects would try to touch each others' boobs while acting like meth-addled chimps.

Who are your comedy influences?

Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison, Emo Phillips, Steven Wright, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, early Dennis Miller, Bill Murray, Tom Lehrer, Dana Gould.

Are you really a tech geek?


What's your favorite AOTS memory?

That time I slept with everyone else on the show. And I mean EVERYONE.

Are you a gamer?

I used to be pretty hardcore. I had to give most of it up so I could actually have a career. I still casually game, though. Just finished playing Infinity Blade, now looking forward to Dungeon Hunter 2. (I travel a lot, so the iPad has become my default gaming console).

What would we be surprised to know about you?

My freezer is full of exotic insects, pinned in boxes. Hmmm maybe that's not surprising. What else? Oh! One time I pooped in the shape of Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin.

Were you the class clown in school?

No, but not by choice! I tried to be, but I just wasn't a very good one. My nerd got in the way.

What makes you love Apple so much?

I was a PC person for many, many years, but I appreciate form as well as function. Also simplicity. PC-minded machines always seem to add two or three extra steps to processes. My Apple machines integrate seamlessly with one another without the use of third party aps. And they are purty n' stuff. Automatic douche points for anyone who tries to turn the comment thread into an "Apple sucks, you suck" flame. I get it. Some people don't like them. I do. This is merely my opinion. It's okay to have personal preferences without attacking the core belief systems of others, so grow the f**k up, internet!

What appeals to you about podcasting?

The fact that I can record a super fun chat with my friends that feels more like f***ing around than work, and that 100,000 people can hear it almost instantaneously.

Where did the name Nerdist come from?

It came from the idea that Nerd culture is now just pop culture, so it's an ideology that anyone can subscribe to. Everyone is nerdy about something. As it grew, I began to see consistencies with the people coming to the site or listening to the podcast. Now I believe that Nerdists are creative, arty Nerds. They don't just obsess over things, they create them as well. Artists, coders, hackers, writers, designers, performers--these are a few examples of the types of folks I see a lot.

What's the difference between a geek and a nerd? Which are you?

This is an impossible question to answer. It's a semantic issue. If you want to know what someone is, just ask them. Geeks will tell you that Nerds are the weaker class, and vice versa. 'Nerd' was the regional word that was used to define me by others when I was growing up, so that's the one that stuck for me.