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What is your earliest fanboy/girl memory?

Reading every issue of Werewolf by Night and She-Hulk that I dug out of
the quarter bin at my local comic book store. That and watching Star
on VHS so much that the tape wore out.

What's your best stand-up joke?

Hmmm....Hopefully I haven't written it yet. But until then,
I offer this:

"The other day, I saw an old homeless
guy wearing a 'World's Greatest Mom' shirt,
and thought to myself, 'Wow, the World's
Greatest Mom" is really letting herself go."

What comic do you still have to buy
whenever it comes out?

Ex Machina, The Killer, The Walking Dead, Y the Last Man
(now over...sigh), Pax Romana, Green Lantern, The Sword,
Astonishing X-Men, Planetary
(when the damn thing comes
out), Locke & Key, Optic Nerve, ACME Novelty Library, Essex
County Tales, Local, Northlanders, Queen & Country
(also over
now), Catwoman, All Star Superman, The Twelve, Criminal,
Black Summer, Wolfskin, The Infinite Horizon, Thunderbolts,
The Goon, Umbrella Academy, Action Comics
Johns/Gary Frank arc), Daredevil, Powers, Buffy Season 8,
Runaways, Jonah Hex, Resurrection, Almighty, Echo,
and a
bunch of other books that I'm completely blanking on.

Basically, the above comics are the ones I buy no matter what.
Everything else I pickup from time to time (JSA, Conan,
etc.). For every book listed here, there are two I'm
forgetting. Sorry!

Which other host could you beat
in a fist fight and why?

None of 'em. I have no fighting skills, despite loving MMA.
Plus, Olivia already beat me up in the first Wonder Woman
sketch. She shut me in a fridge door. Seriously. Ask her.

Where is Blair Butler from?

Opal City!

What would you write fan fiction about?

Um...if I actually got to write a comic book, that would be kind
of like fan fiction for me...so, any comic book I could get my
mitts on.

What super power do
you wish you had?

All of them. Except Stilt-Man. His "powers" suck.

What makes you completely
geek out?

Meeting the creators of comic books I respect. Solid super-
hero movies like Iron Man and X2. Transcendently good
videogames like Portal and Bioshock. Talking comics with
my fellow geeks. Oh, and going to the Sideshow
Collectibles warehouse – I thought I was gonna have a
nerd heart-attack there!

What was your favorite AOTS
interview you ever did?

Probably dressing up as a Stormtrooper for San Diego
Comic-Con. Where else am I ever going to do that during
a work day? Runner-up: Interviewing Harrison Ford and
Cate Blanchet at the Cannes Film Festival. Han Solo!

Is Superman just a big boyscout,
or do we need him?

Read Grant Morrison and Frank
Quitely's "All Star Superman" –
it'll make you fall in love with
Supes again.

Any talents we don't know about?

Ur...does beating the story campaign of
GTA 4 in two weeks count?