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AOTS - June 10th, 2008

Premiered on June 10, 2008

Chris Hardwick is back from the Worldwide Developers Conference, and he's got all of the news on the new iPhone, as well as the other innovations to be found there.
AOTS Exclusive
WWDC Kia Road Report

Back from the wars, or at least from the WWDC, Chris Hardwick has much to tell us in his recap of the event.

Around the Net
Volvo Crash, Bug in Mouth, Office Meltdown

There are few things more fun than a barrel full of monkeys, but Around the Net just might be one of them.

Chris Gore is here to run us through the DVDs of the week, including the torture porn feature Funny Games, the sci-fi oriented Jumper, and a movie that goes by the name of Otis.
Funny Games, Jumper, and Otis

Chris Gore is here, and he's got this week's DVDs for our perusal, including the torture porn flick, Funny Games, the sci-fi oriented Jumper, and a film named Otis.

Robot News
Monkeys And Robots!

It's a rare day on Attack of the Show when we get to pair monkeys and robots together, and, yet, that's exactly what's going on in Robot News.

You're going to want to mix all of the beats you can with this hand-held device, known as the Pacemaker Pocket DJ.
Gadget Pr0n
Pacemaker Pocket DJ

Today, we throb over the Pacemaker Pocket DJ, which lets you mix the beats with a device that's no bigger than the palm of your hand.

We investigate the release of the new M. Night Shyamalan film, The Happening, to see what's really happening with this eco-terrorist story starring Mark Wahlberg.
AOTS Exclusive
The Happening

Eco-terrorism is at the heart of The Happening, but, as with any M. Night Shyamalan movie, do we really know what's happening at all?

Today, the idiots have returned, to wrestle on trampolines, shoot their friends in the leg, and attempt flight, and you get to laugh at their foibles.
Break Moments in De-Evolution
Trampoline Wrestling, Leg Shooting, Losing to Gravity

Once again, we ponder what it is that makes a man an idiot, and keeps him from evolving brains enough to know not to light himself on fire, on this edition of Break Moments in De-Evolution.

The Daily Feed With Alison Haislip: 6.10.08
The Feed
The Daily Feed With Alison Haislip: 6.10.08

Alison is here to gorge you on today's news, including the new iPhone rate plan, panic from the MPAA, and new douchebaggery from Metallica.